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Services for Employers

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Employment TeamWe are the primary resource for businesses seeking solutions to their disability-related issues and for information about employing individuals with disabilities. With our help, employers are beginning to recognize New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation's (NHVR) role as a business consulting service that is able to help them meet the challenges of today's work environment by providing information on staffing, financial incentives, accessibility and accommodation options, educational programs, and expertise on the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, employers are beginning to understand that NHVR can help them gain a critical business advantage by connecting them with a qualified and largely untapped New Hampshire labor force. If you have a disability related business question and you have our number, you already have the right answer. Give one of us a call we look forward to working with you.


National Rehabilitation Association – Excellence in Media Award 2014

Business NH Magazine and the NH Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives
2012 Business Assistance Organization of the Year

Jim HinsonJim Hinson
NH Department of Education - New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Statewide Program Coordinator - Corporate Relations
Veteran & Wounded Warrior Management Liaison
CRP Management Liaison
(603) 271-7093 - cell: (603) 419-9454

Some of the best New Hampshire job candidates are able-bodied workers with disabilities. These are people who don't let the little things get them down, and who know how to solve problems and work around obstacles. If you're interested in hiring a qualified worker with a disability, or if one of your valued employees becomes disabled and you want to keep them on the job, give me a call. I'm Jim Hinson, and I specialized in working with employers in your situation. I can help you with your questions about Workforce Accommodations, Financial Incentives, Employee Retention, Staffing, Support Services and much, much more. Give me a call, and I look forward to working with you.

  • NH Department of Education Employee of the Quarter - November 2007
  • NH Division of Economic Development - Commissioner's Exemplary Effort Award - 2010
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
    NH Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year - 2011
  • John H. Lynch, Governor State of New Hampshire - Governor's Accessibility Award - 2011

Tracey FryeTracey Frye
NH Department of Education - New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Specialist
(603) 669-8733 ext. 308

Tracey has worked at New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation for 2 ½ years after working in mental health and corporate sales. These combined work experiences allows her to work with a wide variety of customers, while serving as a partner to local businesses. Tracey takes an individualized approach with each customer she serves, and believes that every customer she works with will have a unique employment plan true their individual and personal needs. This approach has led to successful placements in a variety of occupations for New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation customers working with Tracey.

Tracey regularly attends business and job expos as well as chamber of commerce and other networking events. Her goal is to reach out in the community to build relationships with businesses and potential customers to provide information about the services available from NHVR.

Terri TedeschiTerri Tedeschi
NH Department of Education - New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Specialist
(603) 271-6719

Terri Tedeschi has over ten years of experience as a Career Counselor. She has been with NHVR as the Employment Specialist in the Concord Office since October 2010. She has worked extensively with customers experiencing a diversity of barriers to employment. She also networks with a wide variety of employers in the Greater Concord area in order to stay current with employment opportunities and educate them regarding the advantages of hiring an individual with a disability. Terri has a BS in Special Education and is a Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, a Global Career Development Facilitator, as well as a Certified Employment Support Professional. She was awarded a "Great Customer Service Award" from the State of NH, Department of Health and Human Services for her work with welfare recipients. She has also worked in public schools as a Special Education Teacher.

James C. Piet, MSJames C. Piet, MS
NH Department of Education - New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Public Relations Specialist

Jim is currently the Public Relations Specialist for the New Hampshire Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. A couple of his responsibilities are to promote VR services to individuals with disability, their families and other groups around the state. As a member of Jim Hinson's team Jim provides support with scheduling expos around the state to promote the VR program and services to individuals with disabilities and also to employers seeking to hire people with disabilities within their companies. Also, he is a regular guest speaker at the University of New Hampshire to students who are enrolled in the special education program and working towards their teaching degrees. Not only does he talk about the VR program and services we provide to people with disability, he also speaks on disability issues like inclusion vs. segregation in the classroom. He also shares his own experiences dealing with everyday life with a disability. Previously at the UNH Institute on Disability, he helped create the New Hampshire Assistive Technology Partnership Project.

Jim is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Crotched Mountain Foundation. He is a member of the Quality Improvement Committee

While serving on New Hampshire's State Council on Developmental Disabilities, Jim held the post of Chairman from 1993-2001. Simultaneously, as a member of the National Association on Developmental Disabilities Council, he was vice-president from 1997-1999. His work with these organizations allowed him to testify before the U.S. House Appropriations Sub-Committee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.

What our business partners are saying about New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation:

"From the start of the relationship with New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation we found that they have extensive knowledge and experience which they wanted to share. From any question that we needed answered to advice or recommendations for recruitment, they were right there to offer assistance, guidance and possible solutions. Their response time, customer service, and attention to detail have been one of a kind." - M.Braun, Inc.

"New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation has provided employment assistance and support to RKM Research and Communications for fourteen years, and they have repeatedly proven to be an extraordinary resource for our business." - RKM Research & Communications

"Through NHVR's connections to the business community, New Hampshire employers are beginning to realize that what is good for people with disabilities is also very good for business's bottom line." - Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

"In a time when so many government agencies are under fire from many arenas, the NHVR stands out as an outstanding example of the best in government services, organization, accomplishments and success." - Brevan Electronics

"In today's world, where customer service is much sought after, but frequently hard to find, NHVR is a breath of fresh air. All it takes is one phone call to NHVR and almost instantaneously, any disability-related question we have is answered - and so much more. NHVR is helping people get their lives back." - Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.

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