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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ed 512

How many continuing education units (hours) will I need if I have more than one endorsement?

A minimum of 75 continuing education units (hours) is required for recertification if you hold one endorsement area. An additional 30 continuing education units is required for each additional endorsement area. Example: If you hold 3 endorsements (General Special Education, Learning Disabilities and Elementary Education) you would need a total of 135 continuing education units) to renew your credential.

An individual may drop an endorsement area that he/she is not currently employed in and add it back at a later date by presenting 30 hours of professional development specific to the endorsement area and a $20.00 fee. The endorsement will run on the same recertification cycle as the current credential. General Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education must be maintained if an individual holds a special education categorical endorsement.

Do I have to obtain Highly Qualified Educator Status to maintain my NH Credential?

You do not have to obtain Highly Qualified Educator status to maintain your NH Credential. However, if you are considering employment in a NH School District, please be aware of the Highly Qualified Educator requirements. In order to comply with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) statute regarding the identification of Highly Qualified Teachers, the United States Department of Education requires teachers of Elementary Core Content Curriculum in public schools grades K-6 who provide direct instruction in Reading/English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music and the Arts to demonstrate their qualifications in the elementary core content curriculum. In New Hampshire, Elementary Education teachers in public schools are required to demonstrate HQT status by either (1) taking a test (e.g. Praxis II in Elementary education), or (2) having completed a HOUSSE process before 2008. There are differing HQT requirements for grades 7-12 by subject area. There is more information regarding HQT requirements in NH at in the HQT Help Document. If you have specific questions regarding the HQT process please contact Virginia Clifford at or (603) 271-4196.

I'm employed in another State or Country; I'm a Stay at Home Mom; I'm employed in another profession - how do I maintain my credential?

To renew your credential you will need to submit professional development completed within the 3 years of your recertification cycle and the renewal fee. A Renewal Form has been introduced for those educators who are not employed with a NH School District or NH Private School with a Master Plan. You will need to complete the form and send it in with the renewal fee and return it to the Bureau of Credentialing anytime after January 1 but no later than June 30th of the year your credential expires. You may be contacted to submit verification of professional development at a later date. Be sure to keep your mailing address current with the Bureau of Credentialing so that you will receive any updated information.

How do I renew an expired NH Credential? I was certified many years ago in NH but have taught and become certified in another state; how do I renew my NH Credential? I became certified in NH but never taught as I was employed in another profession; how do I renew my credential?

To renew an expired credential you will need to submit verification of professional development that has been completed within the last 3 years of the time of re-application, a Renewal Form and the renewal and late fees. See Professional Growth Requirements for details. If your credential expired more than 8 years ago you will also need to submit a new application form as your paper file will need to be recreated.

I am certified in NH and have been teaching in a NH School where I have completed professional development under a Plan with the NH School District. I've left employment with them before my credential is due to expire, how do I renew?

You need to get verification of professional development completed with the NH School District. If all of the hours were completed with them send in verification along with the renewal fee. If you completed some of the hours with the district, but still need to do professional development to complete recertification requirements, you will need to get verification from the providers of the professional development to be sent in along with the School District information.

If the hours were accumulated prior to July of the year my credential expired, but was not needed for the current recertification cycle, can it be used towards the next recertification cycle?

Professional development completed after re-nomination or reelection (March/April for those educators not employed in a NH school district or private school) shall be counted toward the next 3-year recertification cycle which shall commence on July 1 of that same calendar year.

If you are currently employed by a NH School District or in a NH Private School under a Professional Development Master Plan please contact the Professional Development Committee within your school district or private school for details regarding your recertification.

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