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Santina Thibedeau, Administrator
Bureau of Special Education
State Director of Special Education
(603) 271-6693
Barbara Raymond
Administrative Supervisor
Assistant to the Administrator
(603) 271-3791

Bridget Brown
Dispute Resolution Coordinator
(Parents/School Districts)
(603) 271-3776

Lori Noordergraaf
Special Education Monitoring
Technical Assistance
(603) 271-3750

Secondary Transition
County Houses of Correction

Deborah Krajcik
Special Education Monitoring
Technical Assistance
(603) 271-3301

Mary Lane
NH Accessible Materials (NHAIM)
Technical Assistance
(603) 271-3740

Ruth Littlefield
Preschool Children ages 3-5
Technical Assistance
State Performance Plan (SPP)
Annual Performance Report (APR)
(603) 271-2178

Special Education Monitoring
Technical Assistance
(603) 271-4680

Helene Anzalone
Special Education Monitoring
Technical Assistance
(603) 271-3476

Technical Support
Ralph Tilton
Program Specialist IV
Federal Fund Projects; Discretionary Secondary Grants Catastrophic Aid: Supplemental State Funding for "High Cost" Placements
(603) 271-3839
Lisa Morrissette
Program Specialist II
Catastrophic Aid: Supplemental State Funding for "High Cost" Placements, Rate Setting, 402 Placements; Funding for Court-Ordered Residential Placements
(603) 271-3738
Amy Jenks
Program Specialist III
Educational Surrogate Parent Program
(603) 271-3842
Janelle Cotnoir
Program Specialist II
Special Education Montoring
Capacity - Age Waiver Process
(603) 271-3737

Tamela Dalrymple
Grants and Contracts Technician
Federal Entitlements
(603) 271-6056

Terry Hersh
Program Assistant II
NHSEIS Technical Support
(603) 271-3775
New Hampshire Special Education Information System (NHSEIS)
(603) 271-0007

NH State Personnel Development Grant
Amy Aiello
Program Specialist III
(603) 271-1536

Penny Duffy
Grants & Contracts Technician
(603) 271-3842

General Support
Elaine Hennessy
(Bridget Brown, Ruth Littlefield)
(603) 271-3075
Program Assistant

Lisa Johnson
(Mary Lane, NHAEM)
NH Accessible Educational Materials
(603) 271-0818

Hannah Krajcik
(Deborah Krajcik, Lori Noordergraaf, Helene Anzalone)
(603) 271-3742

Office of Safe Schools and Healthy Students
Mary Steady
(603) 271-3730

Terry Stafford
Program Assistant II
(603) 271-3720

Michelle Myler
Program Specialist III
(603) 271-4018

Kelly Untiet
Program Specialist III (Part-time)
(603) 271-2295


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101 Pleasant Street | Concord, NH | 03301-3494
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