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New Hampshire Law is available through the State of New Hampshire Web site, with a search mode.

You may also go directly to Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) Title 15 Education

New Hampshire Legislation

The following bills have been signed by the Governor

House Bills:

HB 231—Applications for school building aid

HB301—Establishing a committee to Study New Hampshire’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System and any Other Department of Education Maintained Database that Contains Student Level Data

HB527—Requiring school districts employing SROs to adopt a written agreement

HB536—Relative to payment for special education services for charted public school students and relative to federal funds for chartered public schools

HB1121—relative to the academic areas that comprise the statewide assessment

HB1130—Placement on school property of a memorial or memorial plaque honoring those who have died during military service

HB1145—Establishing a Committee to Study Suspensions and Expulsions in Licensed Preschools and in Kindergarten Through Grade 3

HB1193—Certification of School Nurses

HB1225—Permitting High Schools Students who are Members of the Armed Forces to Wear Their Uniforms at Graduation

HB1239—Relative to certain terminology in the education statutes

HB1246—Relative to Speech-Language assistants

HB1272—Relative to bus transportation for chartered public school students;

HB1283—Relative to School Notification of a Change in Placement

HB1300—Relative to the Content of Patriotic Exercises in Public Schools

HB1301—Relative to Issuance of Youth Employment certificates

HB1372—Permitting a child with a disability to use audio or video recording devices in the classroom

HB1497—Relative to the Limits on Disclosure of Information used on College Entrance Exams

HB1644—Relative to screening and intervention for dyslexia and related disorders establishing a reading specialist position in the DOE and making a technical correction

Senate Bills:

SB25—Relative to the Administration of Epinephrine

SB152—Relative to criminal background checks

SB312—Relative to Epinephrine Administration in Independent Schools

SB316—Relative to Placement Decisions by a Child’s Individualized Education Program Team

SB322—Relative to the Provision and Administration of Bronchodilators, Spacers and Nebulizers in Schools

SB326—Relative to the Membership of the Community College System of NH Board of Trustees

SB328—Relative to School Districts and School Administrative Units Exercising Joint Powers with Other Public Agencies

SB369—Encouraging Public Schools to Include Drug and Alcohol Education as Part of their Health Education Curriculum

SB370—Establishing a Committee to Study Real time Threat Notification Systems to Link Schools with Law Enforcement when Schools are Under Direct Threat

SB371—Relative to School Lunch Meal Payment Policies

SB460—Relative to a School Board’s Duty to Ensure the Teaching Health and Physical Education as it Relates to Abused Children

Link to General Court Web Site and Bill Status

Education Tax Credit, the Department of Revenue Administration provides information on their Web site

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