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Just the Facts For Students

What Is A Career Pathway?

A Career Pathway is a plan designed by you to make sure that what you learn each day in school is useful in your life. Your pathway will help you put things in focus, giving you a better idea of what's out there in the world, what you want to do and what you need to be successful.

Are You Sure It's For Me?

Absolutely! No matter what, some day you will need to get a job. You may go to college first. You may get advanced education in other ways. But eventually you will enter the workforce. The bottom line is that the good jobs of the future will go to people with skills.

How Do I Benefit?

Your pathway prepares you so that you know what it takes to get a good job. It

  • Helps you see how school subjects relate to the world of work
  • Makes your classes more interesting
  • Helps you figure out what you're good at
  • Opens your mind to all kinds of careers opportunities
  • Shows you the education and skills needed to get the good jobs
  • Makes your education fit you

What is My Role?

Do everything you can to focus on your future!

  • Study hard and do your best in school and extra-curricular activities
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about the real world through job shadowing, work experience, career fairs, and community speakers
  • Talk to your parents and other adults about their jobs
  • Go to school every day, on time, and with a good attitude-like a job
  • Talk to your counselors and teachers
  • Participate in career and college fairs

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