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Community Corner, Data

What is data?

  • Data is gathered information. It is facts, concepts, or instructions collected in a manner suitable for communication, interpretation, storage, or processing by humans or by automated means.
  • Data may consist of numbers, words, or images; it can be facts, figures, pieces of information, statistics, either historical or derived by calculation, experimentation, surveys, etc.
  • For NHVR it refers mostly to the information entered into the CMS, CPT, Financial system or into a case file.
  • This information can be organized and used for analysis, discussion, as a basis for reasoning or used to make decisions.

Why collect data?

  • It allows for dissemination of accurate public information
  • It identifies service areas that need improvement or further evaluation
  • It is the only reliable way to evaluate the activity, responsiveness and effectiveness of agency services
  • It promotes decision making and resource allocation that are based on solid evidence rather than on isolated occurrences, assumption, emotion, politics, etc.

Data can be used to

  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Communicate the importance of data collection to providers such as CRPs
  • Demonstrate the need for a new program or resources
  • Help gain grant funding
  • Help us to see the value of the work we do
  • Influence legislative policies and regulations
  • Improve quality of services to our customers
  • Provide justification for the program
  • Stimulate new ideas

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