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Education Research

New Hampshire has a fantastic wealth of researchers and research organizations throughout our state. To collaborate with these researchers as well as researchers throughout the country, the Department of Education (DOE) has compiled information to assist in sharing data and collaborating on research projects. Thoughtful and methodical research can help improve the education for children through our state. This Web page will help researchers understand how they gain access to research data and partner with the Department of Education.

How Can Researchers Access the Data?

Sample Memorandum of Understanding Sample Memorandum of Understanding, Word
To access student level data, the Department works with Researchers to sign an MOU outlining the use of the data.

Researcher Opportunities

Potential Questions for Researchers

What Data Does the Department Collect?

Data Dictionary

The i4see (Initiative for School Empowerment and Excellence) has a data dictionary that defines many of the data elements that the DOE collects. For example, if you are interested in the Post Graduate Plans for students, view the EOY submission (End of Year) and click on Post Graduate Plans to see the full list of options that we collect for these plans (e.g. 4 year out of state college, military, etc.).

Data Element Summary Data Element Summary, Excel

This list of data elements gives you a overview of the data that the Department collects for publicly funded students in New Hampshire.

What Related Efforts Are Moving Forward?

ARRA: Transforming New Hampshire Education - New Hampshire Race to the Top Direction ARRA: Transforming New Hampshire Education - New Hampshire Race to the Top Direction, Acrobat Reader

Commissioner Virginia Barry is leading the Department through a process to transform NH's educational system. Addressing four broad areas: Standards and Assessments, Effective Teachers and Leaders, Data Systems, and Turnaround of Struggling Schools, the Department is drawing on reform strategies that have demonstrated improvement across the state, as well as envisioning new, innovative efforts.

ARRA Proposed Items ARRA Proposed Item, Word document

The Department will be applying for additional resources to expand state-wide data systems as well as our abilities to share and leverage this information.

U.S. DOE Data Systems Vision US DOE Data Systems Vision, PowerPoint

The US DOE has a vision of expanded data systems that provide for a single collection of student information from preschool through post-secondary education. This information can then be used to inform instruction and improve education for all students.

The Request for Application for the Data Warehouse Grant (the State Longitudinal Data System) The Request for Application for the Data Warehouse Grant, Acrobat Reader

Irene Koffink
(603) 271-3865

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