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i4see Frequently Asked Questions

For EOY submissions, do we submit (create the columns for) only the elements that are required or do we need to create columns for all the elements?

You should have a column for every field in a submission (including both 'not used' fields and fields not required). We have a standard format for the EOY Enrollment and BOY submissions, so both these submissions have the same columns. Although some columns are not used/required in one of the submissions.

When requesting a SASID for an out of district nonpublic school student, what do I put in for the school code?

If you request SASIDs via single submission, there is now a school option for "Other School Outside of the District".  If you submit the request via a batch, use either the number of the nonpublic school or a zero (0) in that field.

If a student transfers to my school with a Massachusetts ID number, do I need to request a SASID for that student?

Yes. The Massachusetts ID number is not part of the New Hampshire SASID system. Many other states have systems as well, but do not share information with New Hampshire. Any student entering the New Hampshire system will need his/her own New Hampshire SASID.

In the data element Town of Birth, should I put in both town and state?

The information in this field helps to eliminate duplicates, so it is helpful to have as much information as possible. There is no particular format in this element, so commas are allowed.

When the SASIDs are assigned, is there any meaning to the number? For example, by analyzing the number, can I tell where a student lives, or if they are male or female?

No. The ten digit SASID is randomly generated. There is no meaning in any of the numbers in the sequence.

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When I submit my CSV file should I delete the header record?

Yes. Your upload may fail or cause other problems with the data if there is a header record in the submission.

Why is the acronym "i.4.see?"

i.4.see stands for the Initiative for School Empowerment and Excellence. The system will provide the opportunity for gains-based assessment analysis, help track dropouts and improve the accuracy of all the student data, including that used for distributing millions of dollars in state aid to education.

How do I keep leading zeroes in my LASIDs when I submit a file and download my SASIDs?

i.4.see has a tip document that details this process, but in general if you use the excel "Data->Import" function and specify the field as a "Text" field during this process, then Excel will keep the leading zeros. If you simply open the file directly in Excel (using "File->Open") then Excel will drop the leading zeros. See the tip document on the i4see home page for a more detailed description.

I use a MAC computer. Do I need to do anything special to save a CSV file for a submission to the i.4.see workbench?

It is recommended that you use the option "save file as .csv for Windows" if possible. It helps align the data for import by Windows compatible computers.

Some of the students that we requested SASIDs for have left our district. Do we need to keep track of their SASIDs?

Yes. One of the means for acquiring the SASID in the new district is to contact the originating district. Please maintain the basic information for students for whom you have requested SASIDs.

If a student lives in a Residential Home that is not in the list of valid homes, what do I do?

You only need to report residential homes that are listed in the data dictionary.

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What is a Passing Score on the AP exam.

A 3 or higher is considered passing.

If we have students in nonpublic "out-of-District" placements, does the nonpublic school request the SASID or do we? Also, I have no place for their SASIDs in my SIS system.

Nonpublic schools do not have access to the i4see workbench. If your school district is sending the student out of district to a nonpublic school, then the public school district will need to request the SASID. Next year with an upgraded SPEDIS system, SPEDIS will store the SASID, but for now you may want to use excel to keep track of these student's SASIDs. The private schools need the SASID to administer the NECAP (or alternative NECAP) assessment.

The BOY file is supposed to be as of October 1. Should I cut out students that enroll after October 1st or should I include everyone I have?

Please include them all! You will have the entry date as part of the student record and we will be able to use that date to determine if the student was in your school on October 1st.

What if I click on the "Download file" button or the "SASID info" button and nothing happens?

These buttons open up separate windows with further information. If you do not see a separate window, you may have a pop-up blocker on your computer. To override a pop-up blocker, hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and then click on the button you want the popup to override. For example, if you want to view a student's SASID information, hold the "Ctrl" Key and then click on "SASID Info" . This should override the pop-up blocker and allow the window to open that contains the information.

On EOY Academic, do we include only those students in targeted schools that have participated in a Title I program, or do you want records for all students?

You only need to include students who are receiving services in targeted Title I school

What do I do when a student transfers to our school from another NH public school and already has a SASID?

Enter that student's SASID number into your student information system and use it for all records for that student. Use the Check Duplicates screen in the SASID workbench to find the SASID if the student did not bring official records from the previous school.

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If a district uploads a file more than once will each succeeding upload replace the earlier one?

The user should delete any file that is not needed. I4see cannot distinguish a duplicate file.

Who should I release the SASID to?

The SASID is part of a student's record/folder. You should follow the same policies that your school has in place for sharing other student record information when your students transfer districts.

Is it recommended that districts ask i4see help to delete unnecessary batches?

No, they should be able to delete them on their own, by selecting the batch and clicking delete. If the file gets 'stuck' in a state such as uploading... (which it should not) then they may need help and they should contact us using the i4seehelp e-mail.

In the BOY file, if a student was enrolled on the first day of school but withdrew before October 3, what would his enrollment status number be?

The enrollment status refers to the status for the period of time between the entry date and exit date for that given record. So the status would describe the students status between the first day of school and the withdrawal. During that time, for most students the status would be 1 (or 2 if he/she was being sent to your district from another district). The enrollment status code of 1 is valid regardless of whether the student was in the school last year or new to the school this year.

In the BOY file, students who were "no shows" i.e., students who were expected to come to school on the first day but did not, should they be deleted?

Enrollment status of 7 is for students who you expected to come, but never showed up. You could either leave the entry date blank for these folks and have the exit date equal the first day of school (or before). Or you can have the entry and exit date both equal the same day. Please provide the appropriate exit code for these students to tell i4see where they have gone. For example, a student that transferred over the summer to a nonpublic school would have an enrollment status of 7, a withdrawal date before school started, and a withdrawal code of W3.

Is it appropriate to put the actual SASID #'s right on to the student folders so that when the students move, the #'sare included right on the folders?

It is recommended that you put the SASID # on the folder.

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If a student in a private out-of-district placement is not taking the NECAPs do they need a SASID?

All children who are supported by public funds should have a SASID. If a child is being sent out of district to a private school and the school district is paying, then they need a SASID.

Are students in nonpublic schools (out of district placements) included in the EOY and BOY reports?

Yes, students who are tuitioned to nonpublic schools should be included in all BOY and EOY submissions. Please refer to the Data Dictionary for the appropriate Enrollment Status to use for out of district placements.

I forgot to write down a SASID number when it was assigned and clicked the next key; now when I try to retrieve the number, it says it's unavailable! What do I do now?

Click on the header that say's Batchid. This will sort the data in either ascending or descending order. If it is in descending order then click it again and it will sort in ascending order and the file of single SASID requests should be the first batch on the top. Select this batch and click on view detail. You should be able to get the SASID based on the LASID and DOB. Depending on the number of single SASIDs that you have issued there may be multiple pages of these. You can once again sort the file by clicking on LASID to find the one you are looking for.

Does i4see need to know if a LASID changes?

We do not track changes in LASID. The LASID that we store is the LASID that was associated with the student at the time of the original SASID request. We don't use it at all. It is intended for the use of the school. It enables them to match the SASID with the right person (since name is not in the file of assigned SASIDS).

I have a "Possible Duplicate" with the same First Name, Last Name and DOB as another already assigned SASID. The workbench will not let me assign a new SASID. What do I do?

Call or e-mail i4see help. You will not be allowed to assign a new SASID until it is determined that this is really not a duplicate and then only the database administrator at i4see will be able to force the new number assignment.

I use the same LASID for each single SASID submission. The workbench will not allow me to get a new SASID. Why?

Each time you request an individual SASID for your district, you must use a different LASID. This will help you identify the individual students when you look in your "district" SASID file in the future. (The "district" SASID file holds all of your individual SASID assignments.)

On the BOY, the original grad year is only required for HS students, correct?

On both the BOY and the EOY Enrollment files, the original grad year is required for grades 9-12 ONLY.

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Do I need to request a SASID for exchange students?

Yes, you will need to include exchange students in your reporting, so they will need to have a SASID. Any student that attends in your school and is part of your attendance reporting will need a SASID.

When I have "Verified Across District", I can no longer see details on my batches. How I can determine what the errors are on the district reports?

There are two levels of verification. First you verify the batches you submit. This is done from the main workbench. The file is automatically verified at the batch level when you upload it, but you can also click verify on the workbench screen any time to verify the batch again. Then clicking view detail from this page will let you see the results. The second level is the district level. Once you have submitted all the batches for a given submission type (e.g. EOY Academic) for a given district, then you can verify across the entire district. This is required even if you only have one batch for your district. To verify at the district level you click on "District Review" from the workbench. Then you select the submission type. At this point you can click "Verify Across District" to verify all the batches for that submission type. You can click "View District Details" from this page to view the results. You can not view the district verification report from the batch workbench.

Do I have to include all those Advanced Placement columns in my EOY academic file since I'm not reporting any information?

We need to have a comma between all the fields in the CSV file even if they are blank. This means that, yes, you need to create all the columns in your file. An easy way to accomplish this is to open the file in Excel, put a space (click the space bar) in cell BA 1 (column BA, row 1). Then copy that cell down the column BA for all the rows in your file. When you save as a .csv, Excel will automatically force comma's in between all the fields. Column BA represents the last Advanced Placement column.

All my files have been submitted for EOY and BOY and I have verified across the district. How does the Superintendent Certify the information?

The Superintendent needs to sign on to the workbench using his unique User Name and Password. From the workbench he will click on "District Review", select the type of file to be certified (for example, BOY) and view the reports. When he is satisfied that the data is correct, he can click on the Certify button. When he has confirmed his selection, the data will be locked and can no longer be edited.

How can I print the reports after we have uploaded and verified all our files?

Many reports are available on the bottom of the District Review screen. One of these reports for each submission type is a report called "Record Detail for xxx". This report will show you all the records you submitted. Unfortunately at this time, you can not simply print them, but you can click "Edit->Select All" and then click "copy"™ and then paste it into Excel. From there you can format and print. For the other reports found on this page, if you click "File-Page Setup" once you view the report you can change the orientation to Landscape and then print. You can also move each of these reports to Excel for more options in printing.

Is it important for school districts to keep a copy of the submitted csv files?

It's up to the district. I4see does not require you to keep a copy of the csv. You may want to keep these files for a while for quick reference. Questions may arise when SASID data is matched, for example, with NECAP results.

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I just submitted F&R report verified with errors, including incorrect code. Is there a code for those who are not eligible for F or R lunch? Are blanks OK?

Please include only the records for the students who are eligible to receive a free or reduced price meal or free milk.

What about reporting passing grades for Advanced Placement courses?

If a student has passed an Advanced Placement course, it is acceptable for that to be reported each year that EOY Academic records are sent for that student. Do not be concerned that you are reporting this in multiply years' records.

How do I deal with student name changes after the original SASID request?

Please send all changes to basic SASID information - name, DOB, Town of Birth, gender, race, etc. in an e-mail to the support address: We will make the changes and send an e-mail confirming that the changes have been made.

In reporting the data for BOY and EOY, do I include preschool students? What if their schedules are different, for example, some go 2, 3, or 4 mornings a week, do I need to track them separately?

The students in your instructional Preschool program will need to be tracked and their attendance reported by number of 1/2 days they are required to attend their programs. For example, a student who has a program that meets 2 mornings per week will have a total number of 1/2 days attendance and absence around 72 if they attend all year (out of a possible 360, the number of 1/2 days that school is open and available). You may need to set up separate calendars for the different programs so that your Student Information System can report the correct # of 1/2 days for these students.

What about Special Education Preschool students who receive only a couple hours or so of therapy?

The preschool special education students who receive only an hour or two of services, and who do not receive instruction, are not reported on state attendance reports. They will need SASIDs, however, because they are in the SPEDIS database and all SPEDIS students now need to have SASIDs assigned. They will keep these SASIDs throughout their school years.

Should a student's SASID number be treated as confidential?

The SASID number is like a Social Security number. Everyone has one and should keep it confidential. It is part of a student's record and should be treated as you would other confidential information in the student's record.

Will the i4see workbench uploads accept codes of W01, W02? or only W1, W2? for exit codes.

Many of the student information systems include the zero in the entry and exit codes. We have modified the i4see workbench to accept it either way. The state system will strip out the zero when you submit the file.

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If my school is not a targeted Title I school do I have to submit an EOY Academic report?

If you have students who participate in a targeted Title I program, a Reading Recovery Program (this is 1st grade ONLY), OR who take AP courses in high school, you must submit an EOY Academic Report. You may have students who are in one or more of the above, in which case, you include the data for all in your report. If none of your students participate in any of these programs, you do not need to submit a file.

What do I do when I get the message "A verification report for this batch was not generated". If you feel this is in error, please call or e-mail the I.4.See help desk.

This error usually occurs because a SASID in your file is wrong. For example a SASID might have 9 digits instead of the required 10. Please go through your file to see if you can pick out a SASID problem. If you do not see any issues, please e-mail to let them know. Someone will get back to you and help you resolve the problem.

Since we are reporting summer withdrawals in the BOY, at what point can we delete them from our register.

After you have reported them in your BOY, you may delete them from this year's roster. We will not be looking for a record in the EOY for any Enrollment Status 7 BOY records.

When a student is absent for a religious holiday, should he be marked absent?

For student accounting purposes, this student was absent on that day if he was not in school. Districts are asked to keep accurate records on student attendance for a variety of reasons, and one reason is so that if asked in the future if a student was in school on a particular day, the school can tell from their records if he truly was or was not in school that day. However, the attendance policies for a school are determined by the district. For example, the district can determine policy around whether an absence is excused or unexcused, whether excused absences count or do not count toward attendance awards, etc.

What is a JMA?

JMA stands for a Joint Maintenance Agreement school. This is a type of public school in New Hampshire. There is only one in NH currently and it is the Prospect Mountain High School in Alton.

What does this message mean? "Please refer to Batch id# ### submitted on 4/6/2005 7:15:54 PM for this student's SASID."

Districts will sometimes see this message when looking up a recently requested SASID in the Single SASID/Check Duplicates screen on the workbench. When the student has been identified in the list of possible duplicates, and the SASID INFO button has been selected, the SASID number normally appears in a new window. However, if the window gives the message that the SASID is not available, then the district needs to refer to the batch the SASID was requested in. Each individual SASID that is created is created using the Single SASID screen is recorded in the "District" batch. There is one of these batches for each district in NH and it is identified by the district number as the batch number . For example, Hampstead's district number is 223. For all districts, this will be the lowest batch number in the work queue. Click on "Batch ID" on the workqueue, which resorts the batches from lowest to highest and this will be the first in the batch list. You can select this batch, click on view detail and see all of the individual SASIDs you have EVER requested. This batch file was created for each district on 4/6/2005 and that's why the date appears that way even though the SASID was just recently requested.

How do I handle a student that simply does not "show up"?

We have a variety of withdrawal codes that are used to ensure all non-returners are accounted for and to identify summer drop-outs. For every student that was not withdrawn during the prior school year (that is they were enrolled through the end of the school year), we make sure that they arrive in a school in the Fall. i4see automatically generates a report for the school where the child was enrolled at the end of the prior school year (if that child does not appear in any NH public school in the fall). That school must then follow-up on all of these students. Either the student's correct withdrawal code is determined (e.g. transferred to a private school) or the student is identified as a drop-out (one of the withdraw codes). For a complete list of withdrawal codes (exit codes), visit our data dictionary: (select data dictionary and then choose the BOY or EOY submissions. From there you click on the exit code or entry code fields to see the codes). I4see is currently in the process of modifying them for 07-08 to provide a bit more detail, including a new code to track students who attend alternative (adult ed) programs.

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What is the new "Security" Submission?

can now request new i4see user ids for staff within your schools/districts. We are now receiving many of these requests to create users ids to access the new Performance Pathway's tool to view assessment results for your students. This submission can also be used to request a user id for someone who will request single sasids, do real-time entries and withdrawal, etc. For more information, see the data layout for this submission in our data dictionary or a sample spreadsheet in the support guides on our home page This security submission should be requested from the i4see coordinator for your SAU or your Superintendent. If you already have a user id, and simply need different rights, then have the i4see coordinator or superintendent in your district e-mail with the request.

When do we use the Real Time Entry/Withdrawal screen for High School Students?

After school ends in June and during the summer through October, you do not need to make any entries/withdrawals in the Real Time Entry/Withdrawal Enrollment screen. You only need to begin using the Real-Time Entry and Withdrawal screen after your District's BOY has been certified (after October 15).

In years past, we needed to submit reports on advanced placement and dropouts. Is this information now going to be able to be obtained through our i4see submittals?

Yes! The Advanced Placement information comes from the EOY Academic submissions and the dropout data can now be calculated using the EOY and BOY information.

How can I find the SASID for a new student transferring to my school?

Go to the i4see Workbench. Click on the button "Single SASID/Check Duplicates". On the screen that comes up there is a box defined by a dotted line. It surrounds the elements First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Enter these three elements for the student you wish to find, and click on "Check Duplicates". A list of students with at least two of the elements that match your request will appear. Click on the button "SASID Info" to see the SASID number for your student.

I have a student that has been promoted a grade mid-year. Do I need to withdraw and re-enter this student to account for this change in grade?

For grade changes, it is not necessary for you to withdraw the student and re-enter them. At the end of the year, when the EOY record is uploaded, there will be a warning message generated for this student that asks that you confirm that the student is reported in the correct grade. A simple check in the check box will confirm the warning.

We received a waiver for two days because of snow, how does i4see know our school did not go 360 half days?

There is a "school data" button on the workbench that allows you to indicate the ending date of school and the number of half-days in session. You will simply reduce the number of half-days in session and then i4see will expect fewer that 360 half-days membership for your students who were there all year.

What is the best way to record attendance for students who attend part time, i.e., every other day, or alternative school students who attend a few hours a day or week?

This would be handled differently depending upon the circumstances: For example, for students with an IEP that only requires their attendance part of the time, they may be considered full time if they are under the instruction of a teacher of the district AND are not attending any other school. For students who are attending two schools at the same time, use the FullDayPct EOY field, no matter what the grade, to indicate how much time is spent in the school.

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For the EOY Academic reporting for Title I, should students be counted if they recieved services in the Fall but are no longer receiving services?

YES! If a student receives targeted Title I services at any time during the school year their record should indicate it. If your school is a school-wide Title I school, there is no need to make a special note of the services they receive in the EOY Academic.

In submissions for course and class data, how do I upload teachers and have their students match their courses when those teachers are not certified yet and do not have certification numbers?

These educators will need an SSO (myNHdoe) user account. Instead of the license number, you should use the letters SSO_ followed by the users single sign on number. You can find this number by viewing the educator in SSO and clicking Edit.

How long does the DOE keep the student information on file?

The DOE keeps student information on file throughout the student's public education

Does the state have a way to assure the data collected is accurate?

The DOE has a sophisticated set of validation routines to help ensure accurate data is submitted by the school districts. There are multiple steps used to ensure the right data is associated with the right students. The student identifier is combined with the date of birth to ensure the right student is identified. Student IDs are matched across year and across schools to ensure every student is accounted for from year to year and within year. For example, two schools can not claim the same child and if a student identifier is not accounted for, then schools are notified. These are just two examples of many, many rules used to ensure the accuracy of data. Additionally, schools can review student names; aggregate student counts and other anomaly reports. If inaccurate data is found, then it is corrected in the state system.

Can I release a SASID number to another school/district?

The SASID, once assigned, should be added to the student's records and folder. As students move between schools the SASID should be transferred as part of the student's folder. Any school/district that needs to report a student as part of their end-of-year or beginning-of-year files will need to have the SASID for that student.

School districts need to enter their courses and students for ELO. How do I do this?

There are a couple ways to do this. If you want to do it with uploads, you can submit a course file listing all the courses, and then a class file listing all the students in the courses through i4see. You can see examples of these files at

The NHDOE wants the local class name to start with ELO, e.g. ELO Ind Study Math.

The second way to submit these courses is directly through the EIS system when you log into SSO. When you are in EIS, click on Manage Your Teacher Assignments and then at the bottom of the next screen click on Click Here to Add a Teacher\Course. Once the course is entered, you can click on the Courses link and then click on the student link next to the appropriate course to add students into a course.

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