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Potential Questions for Researchers

September 21, 2009
Cabinet Discussion

Assessments & Accountability

1. Are there early indicators that correlate to proficiency levels on NECAP assessments? (e.g. attendance, mobility)
2. Are certain schools out performing comparable schools (e.g. poverty, size, teacher credentials, community demographics, etc.) on NECAP - what are the drivers of this performance?

a. Do schools that use NWEA outperform comparable schools?
b. Is there a correlation between teacher experience (perhaps average age) in school and NECAP results.
c. Is there a correlation between teacher path to certification and NECAP (or other assessment) results.

3. Does NWEA predict performance on NECAP?

Teacher Quality

1. What is the retention rate for educators by path of certification?
2. What types of professional development support improved assessment results and/or high school completion/college entry?
3. What research is currently available on the use of student performance as one part of teacher evaluation?

High School

1. Analysis of how subgroups are performing with regard to attendance, test scores.
2. What are the early indicators in NH that identify students at risk for dropping out?
3. What P-12 indicators identify a student's likelihood to continue on to and complete college?

a. State Scholars program
b. AP courses

4. Report on descriptive statistics for students who complete Adult Education programs.

a. Do Adult Ed ESOL students enroll in college classes?
b. How many matriculate?

Struggling Schools

1. What are distinguishing characteristics of schools and districts in corrective action/restructuring?
2. Are there distinguishing characteristics of schools and districts in the years prior to being identified for corrective action?

a. Student attendance
b. Educator/Administrator turnover
c. Community demographics
d. School climate
e. Student behaviors

3. What turnaround strategies work best in New Hampshire?

Additional Questions

1. What types of research are the other states doing? Can we learn from them?

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