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NH School Nurse Listserve

Who is invited to be a member of the NH School Nurse Listserve?

The NH School Nurse Listserve is primarily intended for school health services personnel employed or contracted to work with students in NH schools. Former NH school health services personnel are also welcome to be members. Occasionally, administrators or others may be on the Listserve for a limited amount of time.

Our Listserve is moderated. What does that mean?

Maria Butler (Listserve moderator) reviews all messages before they are posted to the Listserve. Sometimes, we will ask a member to rephrase and then repost since we cannot alter messages that come to the server. If you have questions about posting a message please contact Maria (

Post to our Listserve, what does a member need to know?

Be aware of the confidentiality policy and be familiar with list netiquette! The more people follow the rules for list netiquette and confidentiality, the more professional the listserve will be and the more valuable it will be for all members. Members have to send messages to the listserve using the e-mail address that they used to subscribe to the listserve. For example, if you joined the listserve using your school e-mail address, you must send messages to the listserve from your school e-mail address. Messages members send to the listserve using an address other than the member address will not go through for posting.

How do I post a message to the Listserve?

After you have composed the message, you would send it the way you would any other e-mail message. It should be addressed to The NH School Nurse Listserve is a moderated list. After you send the message, the moderators will receive an alert that there is a message that needs moderator approval on the Listserve page. You may receive a message saying that your post is being held for approval. After your post is approved, it will be sent to all the Listserve members.

Why are members asked to post their own messages rather than having the listserve moderators post for them?

This is so members' responses to messages will be sent directly to the member posting the message. If the moderators always posted for members, we would receive responses from members replying to messages, and then we would have to forward these responses on to the person asking for the information. Occasionally, we will post a question for a member at our discretion (e.g., a confidential issue, technical difficulties, etc.)

What is our confidentiality policy?

For more information see confidentiality policy.

What is list netiquette?

For more information see list netiquette.

What if I signed up for the Listserve, but I am not getting any messages?

During the school year, Listserve members should be receiving a few messages a week unless the member has directed us to not send mail to him or her for a certain time period or to send mail in digest form. During holidays, Listserve postings are irregular. If you are not getting mail, you may not be a member for some reason or your system may be blocking the e-mail. In either case, please contact Maria Butler (603) 271-4513, by telephone or e-mail and we will help solve the problem.

How do I access the Listserve archives?

You can look at messages that have gone out to the Listserve previously by accessing the Listserve archives. You may see a log-in screen when you enter this Web site. To log in, type the e-mail address that you used to subscribe to the Listserve in the box marked E-mail address. In the box marked Password, type in the password for your member page. The password for your member page is in the "Welcome" message sent to you by the Listserve when you subscribed. If you do not have your password, e-mail Maria Butler at and she can go into the Listserve administrive page and have the Listserve send you a message with your password. After you have typed your password, click on the button named "Let Me In." You should now be able to view the archives.

Is it possible for spam or even a virus to be transmitted via our Listserve?

Yes, but we don't think this has happened so far. Since we moderate this Listserve and review all mail before posting, normally we delete such messages. However, it is possible that we might not recognize a message as spam or a virus and post it by mistake. Always follow your organization's policies on spam or viruses to safeguard your system

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