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Most Requested School Health Services Laws and Rules for Specific Topics

The laws and administrative rules on this page may not represent all of the laws or rules about these subject areas. There may be other regulations for these areas that are not given on this Web page.

Subject Area Law Rule Key Resource
Administration of Oxygen by a School Nurse RSA 200:40-a    
Asthma Inhalers, Possession and Use by Students RSA 200:46    
Asthma, Use of Medications By Pupils, Immunity RSA 200:47    
Communicable Disease RSA 141-C He-P 300 Fact Sheets
Communicable Disease, Reportable Diseases RSA 141-C:7 He-P 300
(Scroll down to 301.2)
List of Reportable Diseases Acrobat Reader
Developmentally Appropriate Daily Physical Activity Program RSA 189:11-a
(Scroll down to V and VI)
Ed 310.01-310.04 Wellness Toolkit
Epinephrine, Auto-Injector, Availability RSA 200:44    
Epinephrine, Possession and Use by School Nurse RSA 318:42
(Scroll down to VII-a)
Epinephrine, Possession and Use by Students RSA 200:42    
Epinephrine, Pupil Use of RSA 200:43    
Epinephrine, Pupil Use of, Immunity RSA 200:45    
First Aid and CPR Certification Requirements RSA 200:40 Ed 300
(Scroll down to 306.12)
Immunization RSA 141-C:20-a
RSA 200:38
He-P 300
(Scroll down to 301.13 & 301.14)
Ed 311.01
Immunization Requirements
Immunization, Exemptions RSA 141-C:20-c Ed 311.01  
Immunization, Record RSA 141-C:20-b He-P 300
(Scroll down to 301.13)
Ed 311.01
Medical Examination of School Bus Operators RSA 200:37    
Medical Examination of School Personnel RSA 200:36    
Medication Administration RSA 200:27 Ed 311.02 Technical Advisory
Ed 311.02
Acrobat Reader
Physical Examination of Students RSA 200:32 Ed 311.03  
School Health Personnel, Supervision of RSA 200:31    
School Health Services RSA 200 Ed 300
(Scroll down to 306.12)
School Nurse RSA 200:29    
Screenings No laws mandating height, weight, vision, scoliosis, hearing, etc., screenings.

Acrobat Reader Symbol Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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