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The New Hampshire School Nurse Listserv

The NH School Nurse Listserv is an e-mail forum for sharing information and questions regarding school health issues. Members use the Listserv to discuss a common interest, seek or post information, and share ideas and resources. All New Hampshire school health personnel working directly in our New Hampshire schools are encouraged to join. This service is provided free of charge. Anna Rose Carrigan, MSW, NH DHHS, moderates the Listserv. The Listserv Confidentiality Policy, List Netiquette, and Frequently Asked Questions topics will give you more information about how to post messages.

If you are a school nurse, ARPN, LPN, LNA, physician, or another type of school health services personnel in New Hampshire and wish to join, please simply e-mail Anna Carrigan at Be sure to provide her with your full name, the name of the school or agency where you work, and your position/title. School health professionals from related service organization may also request to join. Posting privileges are normally restricted to school health personnel and New Hampshire Department of Education employees.

Listserv Confidentiality Policy

If members would like to discuss a sensitive/confidential issue, e.g., describing a situation in your school that may lead a reader to identify a student or staff member involved, please send your question or concern directly to Anna at She will either post it to the Listserv so that you and your school remain anonymous or will further discuss the matter with you.

Content Restrictions

The NH School Nurse Listserv is supported with state funding; therefore, messages that appear to be political in nature, partisan, lobbying, or against relevant government policy are prohibited. In addition, it is not acceptable to post commercial advertising or copyright material.

List Netiquette

If you post messages to the Listserv, please try to observe the following rules of Netiquette:

  • Always include a pertinent subject on the message's SUBJECT LINE for each message you send.
  • Focus on one topic per message.
  • If you need information about what is being done in other schools or districts, PLEASE ask that responses be sent to you and offer to post a summary to the list.
  • We do moderate messages, but occasionally messages that may not be appropriate can get posted. Please ignore and delete inappropriate posts to the list.
  • One should never copy or forward a personal message that was sent to you as an individual to post to a mailing list without the permission of the sender.
  • Posting to a statewide discussion list is the equivalent to raising one's hand at a statewide professional conference and making a statement or asking a question. In addition, archives of postings remain online for future reference. Be aware that you do not know who has access to the list (e.g., your supervisor, someone on your school board, or one of your students). Your posting can always be forwarded on to anyone on the Internet.
  • Postings to this list should pertain to school nursing and/or school health issues so postings that are unrelated may not be approved.
  • Signatures please! Include your name and e-mail address at the bottom of all messages. This will encourage response messages to be sent to you directly. Consider automating your signature line.
  • When preparing to post to ask: Is this post more appropriately sent to just one person or to the whole list? Please take the time to readdress posts that are not pertinent to at least 5% of the 800 + list members. If you think that a response to a query is helpful to the group, please share it with all - that is the point of such a list.
  • You cannot directly post journal articles or other copyright materials to the list without the permission of the publisher of the original. If you get permission to post an article, please state that you have done so in the message. You may post the Web address where a copy of the article or resource can be obtained.

The guidelines above are NOT intended to discourage posting relevant topics, heated discussion, new information about schools, workshops, clinical problems, health care politics, professional issues, etc., to the list.


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