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iPlatform for Education
Data Stories from NH Schools/Districts

Welcome to the New Hampshire Department of Education's iPlatform for Education

The concept behind this portal is to enhance transparency and stimulate community conversations with parents, districts, legislators, and others about the state of their local school systems. We all have a stake in the success of our K-12 education system and we all share the common aspiration of well-educated students. As article 83 of the New Hampshire Constitution states, "Knowledge and learning, generally diffused through a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government; and spreading the opportunities and advantages of education through the various parts of the country, being highly conducive to promote this end.”

While we all share the same goal of creating bright futures for Granite State students, how that is accomplished may vary. We fiercely believe in local control of education; each community shapes unique student educational experiences. No one data point is adequate to tell the story of an educational experience.

This portal includes a broad – and expanding – range of information to create the opportunity for community conversations. It is comprised of four areas designed to help you get the information you need.

For best viewing purposes, access the following links in Chrome, Safari, or Edge.


Includes static information about individual schools and school districts that comprises the accountability data elements included in the New Hampshire federal accountability plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act. This is a great source to get a quick snapshot of a particular school or district. (Coming in late January 2019, data for finance, graduation, and college and career-readiness will be added. Data on military connected students will be reported in the Fall 2019.)


Includes more dynamic information about individual schools and comparative tools between schools, districts, and state level information. More advanced comparisons are made between data with drill down capability. At this point, iExplore is driven by 15 identified data elements. This list will continue to grow as the NH DOE adds additional exploration metrics, helping communities explore and engage in discussions about education in their communities. iExplore is a great source for more in-depth analysis of what’s going on in a school, district, or across the state.


Includes a data dictionary for iPlatform. Education has a lot of acronyms and very specific data elements. This is a great place to go to better understand the nature of the data you might encounter in the other parts of the website.

iDiscover (coming early 2019)

Functions like a Question-and-Answer section, where users can look at information that is responsive to common questions that might be raised by parents or other community members about a school, district or across the state. The release of this section will take place during the first quarter and the initial set of questions will continue to be added as the site matures. This is a great place to discover important and unique aspects of schools, districts or state information.

Static Data Reports and Archived Profiles

NH Profiles & Report Cards (2017 and prior) Static Data Collection and Reports
Assessment Disaggregated Data File Additional Information


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