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2017-2018 New Hampshire Education Laws Acrobat Reader Please note that this document and the data it contains cannot be downloaded or re-used for commercial purposes.

Title 15 Education Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA)

New Hampshire Law is available through the State of New Hampshire Web site, with a search mode.

New Hampshire Legislation

2018 Session Bills to be posted soon.

2017 Session House Bills:

HB 95 Establishing a committee to study how taxpayer funds appropriated to the university system of New Hampshire and the community college system of New Hampshire are expended and the procedures to ensure accountability for such expenditures

HB 103 Relative to school district policies regarding objectionable course material

HB 107 Relative to the membership of the advanced manufacturing education advisory council

HB 122 Relative to withdrawal from a cooperative school district

HB 155 Relative to funding for kindergarten programs

HB 166 Relative to assessments administered to pupils grades 3-8

HB 180 Requiring postsecondary education institutions to compile and submit reports on remedial education courses

HB 196 Establishing a committee to study requiring passengers on school buses to wear seat belts

HB 207 Prohibiting the implementation of common core in public elementary and secondary schools

HB 210 Relative to a code of ethics for certified educational personnel

HB 216 Relative to educational assignments for pupils who have been suspended

HB 226 Relative to documenting the improvement of non-proficient readers

HB 233 Relative to the submission of school emergency response plans

HB 275 Prohibiting the inclusion of statewide assessment results in a student’s transcript without consent

HB 276 Relative to student exemption from the statewide assessment

HB 304 Relative to implementation of academic standards by a local school board and relative to review of academic standards under consideration by the state board of education

HB 339 Relative to reimbursement of transportation costs for students attending a career and technical education center

HB 354 Making an appropriation to the DOE to provide additional adequate education grant payments to certain municipalities

HB 356 Establishing a committee to study education funding and the cost of an opportunity for an adequate education

HB 386 Relative to technical corrections to the education tax credit statute

HB 412 Relative to the pre-engineering technology curriculum

HB 477 Relative to free speech on campuses in the university system and the community college system

HB 505 Establishing an independent commission as an additional authorizing entity for chartered public schools

HB 509 Requiring the university system to disclose annual expenditures in its operating budget

HB 525 Relative to stabilization grants for education

HB 556 Requiring schools to post the state telephone numbers to report child abuse

HB 557 Relative to school attendance in towns with no public schools

HB 607 Establishing a New Hampshire student access grant program and making an appropriation therefor

HB 609 Establishing a children’s savings account program and making an appropriation therefore

HB 620 Relative to compliance with state and federal education mandates

HB 641 Relative to high school students participating in New Hampshire’s dual and concurrent enrollment program and making an appropriation therefor

2017 Session Senate bills

SB 8 Relative to school attendance in towns with no public school

SB 43 Relative to non-academic surveys administered by a public school to its students

SB 44 Prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of common core standards

SB 45 Requiring a course in civics for high school graduation

SB 46 Relative to participation in public school co-curricular programs offered in another school district

SB 101 Relative to enrollment eligibility for regional career and technical education programs

SB 103 Limiting food and beverage advertising and marketing on school property

SB 104 Relative to career and technical education

SB 105 Making an appropriation for the replacement of heat and hot water systems in the Concord school district

SB 191 Establishing the kindergarten initiative development support grant program

SB 193 Establishing education freedom savings accounts for students

SB 228 Establishing the New Hampshire college graduate retention incentive partnership

Link to General Court Web Site and Bill Status

Education Tax Credit, the Department of Revenue Administration provides information on their Web site

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