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New Hampshire 2017 Preliminary College Board School Day SAT Results

For many years, New Hampshire high school students aspiring to college spent a Saturday morning in March or April taking the SAT college entrance exam. In 2015, the New Hampshire legislature took the bold step of allowing the college entrance exam to be the statewide assessment for high school students in grade 11. Now referred to as the School Day SAT, the college entrance exam is offered to high school students as part of the regular student assessment process.

Commenting on this change, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut stated, “By making the exam available to all students, New Hampshire’s high participation rate of approximately 90% means that more New Hampshire students have taken an important step toward advancing their education after high school.”

Sandie MacDonald, the state administrator for instructional support and student assessment stated, “Using a college entrance exam to meet federal and state assessment requirements was a great move by the legislature. It eliminates one assessment for many students and allows all students to gauge their college preparedness.”

The 2017 College Board School Day SAT results have now been distributed to the students and parents of all 11th graders who participated in the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment Program. The College Board simultaneously delivered SAT result reports electronically to schools, which have been encouraged to use the information to identify and target student remediation and/or academic acceleration, monitoring student and subgroup progress, creating comparisons across school years, identifying trends, setting goals and making instructional and programmatic adjustments.

Commenting on the performance of New Hampshire students, Commissioner Edelblut stated, “Over the next couple of months as the data is finalized, we will analyze the results and use the data to help build on our strengths and improve in areas of weakness. Assessment results should be viewed as part of a process that helps guide educational opportunities for all of our students and I am encouraged to see continued progress for our students. I encourage parents and family members to look carefully at the results, sit down with your local school and consider ways that the results can help shape educational opportunities for your students.”

College Board released preliminary state-level scores for the School Day SAT on June 15, 2017 and are displayed below. These numbers are preliminary and can vary slightly as the state data is finalized. However, individual student scores that families receive will not change.

New Hampshire 2017 Preliminary School Day SAT Results

Grade 11 Proficiency Benchmark Scores English, Reading & Writing Mathematics Total Combined
  480 530 1010
  English, Reading & Writing Average Mathematics Average Total Combined Average
NH School Day SAT 2017 Scores 522 514 1036
NH School Day SAT 2016 Scores 520 507 1027
2016 Nationally Representative Scores
(Representative scores of all U.S. students in 11th grade who took the test)



2016 National Percentile Scores
(Representative scores of students who typically take the test and attend college)



Percentage of Students Meeting Grade 11 Proficiency Benchmark English, Reading & Writing Mathematics Total Combined
NH School Day SAT 2017 66% 44% 41%
NH School Day SAT 2016 67% 41% 39%

More information regarding NH SAT Day can be found at

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