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Posted: November 10, 2022


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Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools for 2022

New Hampshire’s lowest performing schools to receive federal funds for support

CONCORD, NH — As required by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and in compliance with the New Hampshire Consolidated State Plan, the New Hampshire Department of Education has identified 23 schools throughout New Hampshire as Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools, which are designated once every three years as schools that are showing the greatest challenges with academic achievement and student performance.

Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools are the lowest-performing five percent of all schools in the state receiving Title I, Part A funds, as well as all high schools in the state with a four-year graduation rate less than 67 percent, regardless of Title I status. 

The ESSA requires states to calculate and release the list of public schools identified for CSI every three years. The data represents elementary and middle school performance in four key areas – academic achievement, growth, progress toward English language proficiency and equity. Key indicators for high schools include academic achievement, graduation rates, progress toward English language proficiency and college and career readiness. 

There are a total of 13 elementary and middle schools designated with CSI status: 

  • Barnstead Elementary School     
  • Franklin Middle School     
  • Paul A. Smith School   
  • Beech Street School*    
  • Henry Wilson Elementary*   
  • Marlborough Elementary   
  • Middleton Elementary    
  • Milton Elementary    
  • Dr. Norman W. Crisp    
  • Richards Elementary   
  • Northeast Woodland Charter   
  • Groveton Elementary    
  • Pittsburg Elementary*   

*Originally identified as CSI school in 2018; CSI status remains

There are a total of 10 high schools designated with CSI status:

  • Next Charter School*    
  • CSI Charter School*    
  • Kreiva Academy 
  • Ledyard Charter School     
  • Making Community Connections (Monadnock)*   
  • Manchester West High School*    
  • North Country Charter Academy 
  • Pittsfield High School     
  • Bud Carlson Academy*   
  • Virtual Learning Academy 

*Originally identified as CSI school in 2018; CSI status remains

“The New Hampshire Department of Education will be providing ongoing reviews, technical assistance and monitoring to support improvement efforts within each CSI school, and help aid with continued progress. These schools will develop improvement plans that ensure effective learning strategies are being implemented,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “They will also be awarded funds to allow viable, high leverage, evidence-based practices, strategies, programs and services to be executed in a thoughtful approach, with the goal of creating sustainable systems to help students and teachers achieve at higher levels.” 

In accordance with ESSA, a total of $3,440,116.10 in federal funds was reserved by NHED from its $49,193,724 Title I allocation to provide direct funding and supports for the development and implementation of school improvement programming to identified schools.

There are nine schools that were previously identified as CSI schools in 2018 and have since met the necessary improvement criteria to exit CSI status. 

  • Antrim Elementary     
  • Grinnell School     
  • Freedom Elementary   
  • Hillsboro-Deering Elementary   
  • Franklin Elementary   
  • Bakersville School  
  • Parker-Varney School  
  • Nute Junior High   
  • Ledge Street School 

“The Franklin Elementary School students, staff and community have worked extremely hard under the leadership of Principal Erik Kress to improve their student performance outcomes with the support provided by NHED. The turnaround they made is a reflection of the focused efforts they put in during the difficult time the COVID pandemic bestowed on schools around the world and is truly commendable,” said Robert Malay, superintendent of SAU 29.