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For Immediate Release
October 16, 2020


Edelblut disappointed in partisan opposition to supporting students’ education

CONCORD- New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut issued the following statement upon the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee’s vote along party lines to refuse to consider a $10.1 million federal grant for public charter school expansion, the first round of a record-setting $46 million grant:

“Because of today’s vote, schools across New Hampshire that have been waiting for these funds will again be left hanging. For years, we had bipartisan agreement on the value of charter schools as part of New Hampshire’s public education system. That is no more, as one party has decided to ignore students and families. This reversal has provoked division in our communities when we least need it by pitting public charter schools against public district schools. We need to support all New Hampshire schools, and give Granite State students more paths to bright futures. This charter school replication grant is an unprecedented opportunity to invest in educational innovation, and we will keep asking the Legislature to allow it to happen. If COVID has shown us anything it is the importance of innovation in education to respond to changing circumstances. That is what this grant would do for New Hampshire.”