For Immediate Release
Posted: February 11, 2022

Free summer enrichment program available for students 

CONCORD, NH — A free summer enrichment program will be available to help students throughout the state who have experienced learning loss, and assist them in a personalized, small-group setting. 

Prenda, the same entity that helped the New Hampshire Department of Education launch its Recovering Bright Futures program, is now offering Prenda Discovery Summer Camp. The enrichment program will be available to all New Hampshire students from kindergarten through eighth-grade. 

“While the pandemic has resulted in missed learning opportunities for many children, summer learning programs can empower youth and narrow achievement gaps,” said Frank Edelblut, commissioner of education. “This free educational platform will offer project-based and collaborative summer learning that targets creativity in the arts, technology, science and engineering.”

The Prenda Discovery Summer Camp is being offered in four, two-week segments, and runs from July 5 through Aug. 26. The summer learning program will be led by Prenda Guides in various locations, including homes, libraries, community centers, dance studios and more. 

“This is a unique opportunity for families to support their students in setting summer goals, conquering their academic needs, collaborating with peers and exploring growth,” said Kimberly Greiner of Prenda.

To join the waitlist, register at Prenda Discovery Summer Camp. For more information, contact