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Posted: June 15, 2022


Kim Houghton, Communications Administrator
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NHED to deploy new Statewide Student Information System 

CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire Department of Education is pleased to announce that it will be deploying a new, web-based Statewide Student Information System intended to save schools significant money and time.  

The new data collection system, which was approved by the Governor and Executive Council on Wednesday, will be available to all New Hampshire public schools and districts. NHED’s Division of Education Analytics and Resources is contracting with Alma Technologies, Inc., of Portland, Ore., to purchase and deploy the Statewide Student Information System.  

“This contract will replace the existing i4see system that was first implemented in 2001 and is difficult to adapt to everchanging federal and state reporting guidelines,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “The new system leverages technological advancements and is designed to empower educators by enabling real time data collection that will improve analysis and reporting. This upgrade will also enhance efficiency across New Hampshire’s school system, while simultaneously creating significant monetary and labor savings.”  

The $2,489,900 contract with Alma Technologies will conclude in December 2026, with a five-year extension option. The project, which has been a priority for NHED since 2017, will initially be funded with a competitive State Longitudinal Data Systems grant that was awarded to the Department in 2020; the remaining state funds for the project were allocated to NHED in the last state biennium budget. 
“Alma is excited to be selected as NHED’s State Level Solution,” said Andrew Herman, Alma co-founder and CEO. “We are unwaveringly committed to this partnership and supporting New Hampshire’s modern and progressive approach to education. Alma looks forward to partnering with both the New Hampshire Department of Education and New Hampshire K-12 districts to successfully carry out their educational visions.” 

There are currently 38 school districts and 10 charter schools in New Hampshire that utilize Alma. School districts will still have autonomy to select their own vendor, however priority pricing will be offered by Alma. This is the first State Level Solution contract issued by Alma Technologies.