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For Immediate Release
August 11, 2021


New Hampshire Department of Education
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Recipients of the 2021 Charter School Grant Program Announced

NH Department of Education awards $6.8 million to 7 recipients under the federal public charter school grant program

The New Hampshire Department of Education is excited to announce the award of $6.8 million to the first recipients of the federal public charter school grant program. These grants, which are for new public charter schools as well as expansion and replication grants for existing schools, are part of a $46 million federal public charter school grant the Department was awarded in a competitive grant proposal in 2019.

“We are excited to be able to award these grants for these innovative public education programs,” stated Frank Edelblut, commissioner of education. “It was a robust competition with 14 programs applying for the funds. The expansion of high quality public education programming across our state serves our students and our families well.”

Four schools were selected to receive new start-up grant awards, including Northeast Woodlands, Spark Academy, Gathering Waters, and Heartwood. Each start-up grant can be up to $1.2 million, with an additional $300,000 for meeting Department identified priorities such as opening schools in under-served areas, targeting services for at-risk students, and showcasing unique and innovative educational programs not widely offered in the state.

Two schools were selected to receive expansion grants, including Founders Academy and MicroSociety. The expansion grants can be up to $600,000 and provide funds for schools to expand enrollment, grade levels, and educational programming.

One school was selected for a replication grant, CSI chartered public school. Expansion grants can be up to $1.2 million and provide funds for schools to replicate a successful charter program in another part of the state.

“Having worked in public charter schools for the last two decades, I know the positive influence that an education program that fits the child can be,” stated Tal Bayer, state charter school administrator. “We are working with all of our programs to bring excellent and innovative educational opportunities to all students.”

The Department of Education anticipates releasing a second round of funding in the late fall.

For information on the federal charter school grant program, please reach out to the Office of Chartered Public Schools, NH Department of Education, at

Grant Award Recipients
School Name Type of Award Amount of Award
Gathering Waters Chartered Public School Start Up $1,500,000
Heartwood Public Charter School Start up $1,199,043
Northeast Woodland Chartered Public School Start Up $1,500,000
Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies Start Up $1,499,868
MicroSociety Academy Charter School Expansion $599,750
The Founders Academy Expansion $600,000
CSI Charter School Replication $339,552