For Immediate Release
October 5, 2021


Jeffrey S. Newman, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education
(603) 271-8508 |

Small career schools in New Hampshire now exempt from regulation

Concord, NH — Starting Thursday, smaller career schools in New Hampshire will be exempt from regulation and may opt out of licensure with the New Hampshire Department of Education. The recently enacted Senate Bill 148, which was signed by Gov. Chris Sununu in August, exempts private, post-secondary career schools with an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 per year from regulation.

Career schools are post-secondary schools that train students in trades and vocational skills necessary for improving their employment opportunities, and these schools are regulated by the DOE’s Office of Career School Licensing. Under the new law, newly established career schools will no longer have to apply for a license if their annual income is $100,000.

“This change will make it easier for smaller career schools to operate and promote the creation of new vocational schools in New Hampshire with minimal risk to participating students,” said Stephen Appleby, Director of Educator Support and Higher Education with NHDOE.

Forty-one existing licensed schools are now exempt and will no longer pay any new fees or file any renewals unless they opt to remain licensed, which may be necessary in order to participate in select federal programs. Schools that are now exempt may, over time, grow to exceed the $100,000 annual income threshold and become subject to regulation.