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Rochester - SAU54 -Southeast

Early Childhood Education Program: Reach Pre-School

Ages Served: 3-5
Project Start Year: 2009-2010
Beginning Priority area: RTI early literacy and behavior
Implementation as of 6/30/10: dropped out as of March 2010

Other Information:

(REACH Preschool): This ECE program voted to discontinue as a NH RESPONDS demonstration site in March 2010 as reported in last year’s report. The ECE program expressed continued concern that they truly did not have a choice to participate in NH RESPONDS. They voiced major reservations, including professional development requirements that were not being fulfilled for SLPs and adding additional work and time commitments for staff that were not consistent with the REACH program’s priorities. It is clear from the resistance, conflicts, and issues presented from this site that future projects similar to NH RESPONDS will need to better consider how to achieve commitment and buy-in for ECE program participation.

Elementary School 1: Chamberlain Street School

Grades Served: K, 1-6
Project Start Year: 2008-2009
Beginning Priority Area: Behavior
Implementation as of 6/30/10: behavior tier 1 and2, literacy tier 1 and some of tier 2(started under Reading First K-3) continued to grades 4-5

Other Information: In 2010-2011 continuing to receive PBIS tier 3 training and beginning Literacy training to extend Reading First work to upper grades.

This K–5 school’s initial priority area was behavior. Work with Chamberlain in 2010-11 follows a lost year of support due to Rochester’s tentative involvement with NH RESPONDS in 2009-10. The NH RESPONDS Leadership Team in spring 2010 actively re-engaged and got needed commitment at the SAU and school level for continued participation in this grant. The intent this school year was to include literacy supports with moderated behavioral support available. The school’s focus with regard to RtI implementation has been influenced by the school’s SINI process and obligations. Two days of training with the school’s targeted (Tier 2) team and 1 training day with the school’s universal team have been provided this year. In addition, a NH RESPONDS staff member attended with regularity, the school’s RtI Leadership Team meetings which began in January and had a focus on development of an action plan to direct the school’s SINI plan to address indicators in accordance with the NH DOE inclusive of their RTI systems framework.

The plan moving forward is to prepare the Targeted (Tier 2) Team for full implementation in 2011-12 and provide supports to target intensive systems, including: the implementation of Tier 3 activation systems, function-based behavior support planning, Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) implementation (including data gathering), de-escalation response implementation (with fidelity) and community-based referral systems (including referral to Mental Health services and Wraparound).

Chamberlain grades K-3 were part of the NH Reading First program prior to starting their work with NH RESPONDS. Thus, the literacy Program at this school is fairly well established. In 2010-11, NH RESPONDS staff began providing literacy training to expand the Chamberlain School literacy system to the 4th and 5th grade. Both the current reading specialist and assistant principal were key staff in Reading First designated schools. Universal screening is in place and data is reviewed regularly to assess student progress. Technical assistance discussions have focused on issues of fidelity,accelerating growth among struggling students and implementing differentiated instruction at the Tier I level.

Elementary School 2: East Rochester School

Grades Served: PK, 1-5
Project Start Year: 2009-2010
Beginning Priority Area: Literacy
Implementation as of 6/30/10: Literacy tier 1 and Behavior tier 1 and some tier 2 (previous PBIS support)

Other Information: Dropped ut as of April 2010

East Rochester (Pre-K–5) joined NH RESPONDS in 2009-10. This school started out with a literacy focus. In April 2010, this school’s staff chose to discontinue as a NH RESPONDS demonstration site given that they didn’t feel it was a good match with their current work.

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