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Jillian Brickley, Milken Foundation National Educator

Jillian Brickley has been teaching fifth grade at Charlotte Avenue School in Nashua, NH for ten years. Her classroom lessons are designed with the goal of engaging students in the learning process. She integrates projects and hands on learning simulation to allow students different ways to express their understanding of concepts. She is able to differentiate her instruction according to the different learning styles of her students. She is excellent at modifying the curriculum based on the needs of her students. She instills a joy of learning through her ability to engage students at each learning level. She makes learning fun, which in turn inspires these children to try harder so they can keep having fun. She inspires her students to go beyond their comfort zone with lessons set up in an interactive format. Some examples would be the Brickley Bowl, this is a trivia game that inspires team building within the classroom, boys against the girls. Jillian taught History through the “Indian Fair’, Math with the “Stock Market” and Literature by planning “Harry Potter Day.” Each of these events highlighted her ability to connect and teach her 5th grade students a subject they may not have been that interested in.

Ms. Brickley connects her lessons to real life situations. For example, when she teaches her Earth Day Unit she ends with a city building project. Each group takes on a job such as engineer, builder, policy maker, etc. They have to research the cause and effects of their decisions and actions on the environment. They have to present their position in a town hall meeting forum. Students dress in costume according to their profession and debate their point of view. Students understand the realities of human need versus the consequences in nature.

Jillian Brickley is a role model for her students as well as the new teachers at our school. She has a strong, positive rapport with her students. They respect her and feel she understands them. Her passion for the art of teaching and her creativity are contagious among her students, colleagues, and families that she works with each year. She is very welcoming to parents who want to be involved in the class and invites them to special presentations. She motivates those around her to be innovative and to strive for excellence. Students want to work above and beyond the expectation. She displays her students work in the hallways so that the community is aware of their successes and creativity.

Jillian also volunteers her time to coach both the Charlotte Avenue and Nashua Police Athletic League Cross Country Teams. She teaches them form, pace and most of all self esteem to do their own personal best.

Jillian can be reached at

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