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Mathematics Side by Side Alignment

The “New Hampshire Crosswalk” is an EXCEL spreadsheet aligning the Mathematics New Hampshire Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) and Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) [June, 2006] to the Mathematics Common Core State Standards (CCSS) [June, 2010]. The following are notes regarding the format and content of this alignment.

Notes regarding format of the New Hampshire Crosswalk:

  • Alignments to off grade level connections are designated in Italics, while grade levels above the identified grade level will be noted in BOLD.
  • Most CCSS were matched to one or more related GLEs/GSEs. The remaining CCSS were assigned one of these designations:
    ‘No New Hampshire match’ - i.e. no GLE/GSE contained the indicated concept or skill of the CCSS; or
    ‘No direct New Hampshire match’ – i.e. no GLE/GSE contained the indicated concept or skill directly – however, instruction related to the GLEs/GSEs may encompass the concept or skill in some classrooms)
  • The NH code and the complete statement of the aligned GLE/GSE are recorded. Comments were included about the alignment of the GLEs/GSEs for most CCSS.

Notes regarding the content of the New Hampshire Crosswalk:

  • Within the EXCEL file, each grade has its own sheet for the content and process standards.
  • In designating a GLE/GSE connection to a CCSS, there may be segment(s) of the NH GLE/GSE that prompted the connection.
  • At each grade level, the grainsize of each CCSS is, in general, finer – specifying particular concept(s), instructional technique(s), and/or skill(s); whereas each GLE/GSE tends to encompass a broader range of concepts and skills (e.g. through the use of phrases such as “demonstrates conceptual understanding of...”). The GLEs/GSEs are not as explicit in regards to instructional techniques.
  • The Mathematical practices are also aligned to the NH Process Standards. “Designers of curricula, assessments, and professional development should all attend to the need to connect the mathematical practices to mathematical content in mathematics instruction.” (CCSS, pg. 8).

The New Hampshire Crosswalk was completed in response to school districts’ requests for guidance in making NH – CCSS connections. Districts/schools who aligned their curriculum documents to NH Mathematics GLEs/GSEs, may find this spreadsheet helpful as they begin the transition to the Math Common Core State Standards. The document should not replace extensive K-12 articulation around CCSS content and process implementation, it is intended to assist with these on-going professional discussions.

Kindergarten Excel

First Grade Excel

Second Grade Excel

Third Grade Excel

Fourth Grade Excel

Fifth Grade Excel

Sixth Grade Excel

Seventh Grade Excel

Eighth Grade Excel

High School Excel

Unmatched NH Math Standards by Grade Acrobat Reader

Unmatched NH Math Standards by Strand Acrobat Reader

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