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Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

As a result of changing federal regulations and the availability of funds to support improvements in public education, the New Hampshire Department of Education has undertaken a review of how teachers and principals are evaluated.

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Focus on Educator Effectiveness: REL Northeast & Islands & New Hampshire (Youtube video)

In collaboration with the Northeast Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance (NEERA) and the New Hampshire Department of Education, REL Northeast & Islands examined the implementation of new district teacher evaluation systems in the eight New Hampshire districts that received a School Improvement Grant.

Phase II Task Force

Phase II of the New Hampshire Task Force on Effective Teaching has developd a state model for teacher performance evaluation that includes a component to measure student outcomes.

Phase II work will included:

  • Review the recommendations developed by the Phase I task force;
  • Respond to the issues and questions identified by the Phase I task force;
  • Examine comprehensive teacher effectiveness models from other states that are examples of the New Hampshire recommendations “in practice;”
  • Create a framework for a comprehensive teacher effectiveness system;
  • Develop a three-year implementation plan including an initial pilot phase;
  • Identify guidelines for preparing those who will evaluate teachers within this system;
  • Establish criteria for selecting the New Hampshire school districts that will participate in the pilot process; and
  • Identify a communication and outreach strategy to develop public awareness about New Hampshire’s effort in this area.
Meetings and Minutes
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Special Education/English Language Learners (ELL) Subcommittee

Several key principles guided the Task Force in supporting the primary purpose of the NH Model Educator Support and Evaluation System, which is to support all educators in maximizing learning results for all students.In order to assure that the model is fair and equitable for all educators, and to support Guiding Principle #8 from the NH Task Force on Effective Teaching Phase II (“The model system is differentiated for at least beginning and experienced educators and perhaps for various classifications of educators as well, e.g., specialists”), Commissioner Barry convened a Subcommittee of Special Education/ELL, and General Education teachers, along with school district leaders. The Special Education/ELL Subcommittee on Educator Effectiveness has recently completed its work.

Principal Evaluation Task Force

The New Hampshire Association of School Principals established a Principal Effectiveness and Evaluation Task Force to make recommendations on how principals should be evaluated.

Phase I Task Force

Established in 2010 to build a foundation for the development of a system to support effective teaching in New Hampshire, the NH Task Force on Effective Teaching was comprised of sixty representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups. This report contains details from this effort, which represent Phase I of the New Hampshire Department of Education’s initiative to create systems that lead to teaching effectiveness across the state.


  • Provide a common definition of effective teaching for all schools.
  • Identify different teaching frameworks that are research-based and are critical components to a fair and equitable teaching evaluation process.
  • Develop a system of preparation, professional development, and continuous advancement of teachers to impact student learning.
  • Develop a set of recommendations that will lead to a statewide system of teacher effectiveness.
Meetings and Minutes
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