Federal Funds Information Sheets

The NHDOE Bureau of Federal Compliance (BFC) has developed the following Federal Fund Information Sheets to assist subrecipients of Federal funds with understanding the compliance requirements associated with the various aspects of their grants when developing and implementing policies and procedures.

The content in each of the Federal Fund Information Sheets represents the interpretation provided by the NHDOE. These Federal Fund Information Sheets are not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney, accountants, or audit firms and/or law firm licensed to practice law in the state of New Hampshire. In reading and applying Federal law and regulation, we recommend that you seek and obtain the advice of counsel with questions of application, interpretation, and/or to ensure that use of this information is appropriate to your particular situation.

The BFC will add new Federal Fund Information Sheets to this web page from time to time and will also update the existing Federal Fund Information Sheets as Federal regulations and/or best practices improve. Please feel free to contact the BFC should you have any questions on the Federal Fund Information Sheets or if you would like the BFC to develop a Federal Fund Information Sheet on a specific Federal funds management topic.

Information Sheets