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News about the New Hampshire Department of Education.

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*This editorial first appeared in the NH Union Leader on March 13, 2022 Why is it so hard for America’s education system to break free and consider making positive changes? Why is it so hard for ed...
Posted: March 13, 2022
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The right to freedom without Discrimination legislation recently passed by the New Hampshire Senate is an important, and needed, contribution to our education system. It helps ensure that our stud...
Posted: June 13, 2021
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This last year has certainly been a wild ride. No one will soon – if ever – forget how they navigated through the pandemic of 2020-2021. While the cases of late have increased, they are well below o...
Posted: April 12, 2021
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Last week, the Senate took the bold step of prioritizing our children over political constituencies. This action was summed up beautifully in testimony by Senator Robert Guida who reminded us that, ...
Posted: March 23, 2021
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Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut joined the program NHLN Opinion+ to discuss online accessibility and in-person school safety among Latino students, the state’s new free college-...
Posted: November 13, 2020