NH Scholars

The New Hampshire Scholars Program is coordinated through a partnership between the New Hampshire College and University Council, Campus Compact for New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Department of Education.

The intent of the Program is to promote collaboration between educators, policy makers, and business and industry leaders to deliver the message to students and parents of the critical need for increased academic rigor for successful transition to post-secondary and career options. Since it is essential to become a State Scholar at the beginning of high school, the program pairs business leaders with classes of 8th grade students prior to the selection of their high school courses.

Business leaders present the students with a powerful presentation that provides the rationale for the recommendation that students take a more rigorous Core Course of Study in high school. Students will contract to the program by means of a 4-year planner - a personalized education plan - to complete the recommended Core Course of Study.

For more information, visit the New Hampshire Scholars website.