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Services for Employers

New Hampshire businesses are operating in an extremely competitive environment; therefore hiring the best person for the job is imperative. The most untapped, diversified and highly marketable employee in our state is the qualified professional with disability.

Businesses Hiring Qualified Professionals - New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation works…

Studies show that individuals with disabilities prove to be better employees because of the following outstanding qualities:

Reliability, Dependability, Loyalty

Businesses working with NHVR can be assured that job applicants are prescreened, qualified and trained properly to match specific professional needs of employers.

NHVR is the primary source of information when it comes to employing individuals with disabilities. Our Business Relations Consultants provide knowledge and expertise that will meet your business needs. Our comprehensive services are free of charge to all employers who hire (or are thinking of hiring) individuals with disabilities. Some of these services may include:

  • Staffing Guidance and Recruitment
  • Workplace Accessibility, Analysis and options
  • Financial Incentives – Work Opportunity Tax Credit and other tax credits
  • On the Job Training Programs
  • Education awareness and training (Disability Etiquette, ADA)
  • Assistive Technology
  • Internship Opportunities – Work-based learning and internship matching

Advisory Councils

  • State Rehabilitation Council
  • Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

Please reach out to our Business Engagement Unit if you think NHVR can assist with your business needs.

Tracey Frye
Program Specialist
(603) 271-2930

James Piet
Public Relations Specialist
(603) 271-6894

Terri Tedeschi
Business Relations Consultant
(603) 271-6719