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Bureau of Youth Workforce

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) - Youth provides employment and training services to economically disadvantaged youth possessing specific barriers to employment.

New Hampshire's priorities for this funding are for dropout prevention and/or recovery models. Program focus is on comprehensive youth services consisting of fourteen program elements which can be grouped around four major themes:

  • Improving educational achievement (including such elements as tutoring, study skills training, and instruction leading to secondary school completion; dropout out prevention strategies, and alternative secondary school offerings),
  • Offering services intended to develop the potential of youth as citizens and leaders (including leadership development opportunities).
  • Preparing for and succeeding in employment (including summer employment opportunities, paid and unpaid work experience, and occupational skills training),
  • Supporting youth (including meeting supportive services needs and providing adult mentoring, follow-up services, and comprehensive guidance and counseling).

The NH Department of Education and Workforce Opportunity Council, Inc. are proud members of the America's Workforce Network and of the NH WORKS system, and are equal opportunity employers/programs.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

WIOA - U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration


Elizabeth Lafontaine
(603) 271-3805
[email protected]

Current Year-Round Programs


Since 1984, MY TURN, Inc. has partnered with public schools and universities, businesses, social service agencies and state and federal agencies, such as the Department of Labor and Education, to provide case management, career guidance, employment skills assistance, and job placement to a very needy population of at-risk youth in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. MY TURN will utilize its highly successful program model, its strong organizational capacity, and its extensive relationships with community-based organizations, state agencies and private businesses to serve l40 youth who are actively enrolled in its programs annually and many more through its follow-up services efficiently and effectively.

MY TURN has an effective and proven education and training model which uses a holistic approach to ensure program participants receive social support and guidance along with the academic instruction and skills training needed to succeed in reaching education, training and work preparation goals. MY TURN's work encompasses all l0-WIA essential elements and is outcome-oriented with clearly defined measures and goals. Youth in the program are guided through a curriculum that contains six units that cover self-awareness; career exploration; employment application and interviewing; resume and letter writing; personal finance; and employment retention. Upon completing the units, youth in the program have a quality resume and are placed in a job, training program or two-or four-year college. Program graduates are followed for twelve months after completion of the program to monitor their progress in college, job training programs, or jobs.

MY TURN's Workforce Development Programs for Out-of-School Youth are co-located at the Boys’ and Girls' clubs of Nashua and Laconia and include GED classes at off-site locations and through MY TURN's partners. The program also collaborates with NACS that offers a high school diploma program.

MY Turn sites

Dropout Prevention

  • Nashua High School North
  • Nashua High School South

Dropout Recovery

  • Boys and Girls Club, Nashua
  • Franklin NH
  • Manchester NH (housed at Manchester Community College)
  • Milford NH (housed at Hitchiner Manufacturing)
  • Nashua Manufacturing
  • Rochester NH


Allison Joseph
(603) 321-3416

NH-JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates)

NH Jobs for America's Graduates (NH-JAG) will implement a mix of services designed to not only keep students from dropping out of school, but to prepare students for the world of work. Our intent is to assist students with completing their high school diploma or GED. Providing occupational skills training and opportunities to utilize those new skills in the workplace through the delivery of pre-employment and work maturity competencies. The ultimate goal for all students is to provide the learning and training skills needed to maintain long-term employment and build a future career.

The primary goal of this program is to provide students with well rounded knowledge and some hands on experiences and training about the world of work. Through the implementation of the jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) Model, NH-JAG's goal is to improve student achievement in areas of academics, leadership, work and social skills. We will do this by assisting each high school student in graduating from high school and assisting in post-secondary education and/or entering the world of work. For the out-of-school students, we will assist with the GED process if needed and completion of a college certificate program with resources needed so they may enter the adult work with educational and skills based training that will allow each student to succeed in the workforce.

The JAG Model is a program tested and refined by JAG-National since l980. It is designed to provide a mix of services through the employment of a Youth Specialist, who serves as an adult mentor responsible for delivering group and individual instruction in an integrated series of 37 employment competencies and Individual Development Plans (including remediation services, personal guidance, and academic skill development), and establishing a student-led Career Association Chapter that promotes leadership social skills, civic responsibility, group interaction, and future labor market success. In the out-of-school model, students are recruited via presentations made to local school counselors and youth organizations that may be appropriate within the local community.

Classroom instruction is designed to improve employability skills and develop job readiness skills that New Hampshire employers acknowledge are fundamental to success on the job.

The immediate post-program goals include success in the areas of academics, employment and/or post-secondary education and for some the completion of an occupational skills certificate from the Manchester Community College in Manchester. Upon program completion, the Youth Specialist also offers sustained follow-up services throughout the twelve month follow-up phase.

NH JAG sites


  • Manchester Memorial High School
  • Woodsville High School


  • Claremont NH
  • Concord NH


175 Ammon Drive, Suite 212
Manchester NH 03101
(603) 647-2300
Fax (603) 668-1627