Nonpublic School Approval Pathways, Forms & Guidance

Nonpublic schools have two avenues in which they can obtain an approved status with the NH Department of Educating. A school may submit an application for either attendance purposes only or attendance and program purposes.

Pathways to Approval

School seeking an approved status through attendance purposes only must meet a minimum standard of criteria that is set forth in Part Ed 403 of the Code of Administrative Rules. This includes items such as educational objectives, program of studies, assessment processes, student records, etc. Upon obtaining approval, this type of school will renew their application once every three years.

Schools have a second avenue to obtain approval. They may submit an application for attendance and program purposes, which requires them to meet all of the criteria in Ed 403, as noted above, in addition to the list of criteria in Ed 404, all while operating under the approval and purview of an accreditation agency recognized by the NH Department of Education. Schools undergo a rigorous evaluation by accrediting agencies. Upon obtaining approval, a school in this category will renew their application once every five years.


Guidance Documents