Adult Education Tutor Resources Library

Tutor Resources for Adult Educators.

Coordinator Resources

NH Resources

  • Connections Book Discussion Groups
  • NH Humanities sponsors this program that brings trained facilitators to lead students to discover children’s literature. Also at this website you can find a list of quality children’s books books described by level and theme.
  • 211 NH
    2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that connects callers, at no cost, to information about critical health and human services available in their community. Residents in New Hampshire can contact 2-1-1 NH toll-free by dialing 2-1-1 in state or 1-866-444-4211 from out of state. The website is a searchable database of human service resources.

General Resources for coordinators

  • Literacy Network (a literacy program from Madison,Wisconsin)
    Program templates and many other resources
  • Proliteracy
    ProLiteracy is the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation.
    The ProLiteracy Education Network portal offers a vast selection of online courses, videos, and instructional resources for both educators and students.
  • Florida Literacy Coalition tutor training webinars
    More than a dozen training webinars designed for all aspects of tutoring

Tutor Training Books

  • Teaching Adults – A Literacy Resource Book
    ISBN: 9781564203434
    New Readers Press
  • Tutor 8
    Tutor 8 is an essential resource for new tutors who want to be successful and effective teachers to adult learners. Written by well-known literacy advocate and learning disabilities expert Ruth Colvin
    ISBN: 978-1-56420-895-8
    New Readers Press
  • Teaching Adults: An ESL Resource Book
    Working with adult ESL learners? This step-by-step resource guide provides instruction for teaching adult English language learners. Include 50+ ready-to-use activities
    ISBN: 978-1-56420-344-1
    New Readers Press
  • I Speak English – A Tutor’s Guide to Teaching Conversational English
    A teacher resource guide to teaching English to adult English language learners. Written by literacy advocate Ruth Colvin.
    ISBN: 9780930713287
    New Readers Press
  • LITSTART: Strategies for Adult Literacy and ESL Tutors 3rd Edition
    by Patricia Frey
    ISBN-13: 978-0883366530
    ISBN-10: 0883366533

General Tutor Training Internet Resources

ESL Tutor Training, especially materials for pre-literate students

Tacoma Community House Materials

Making it Real: Teaching Pre-literate Adult Refugee Students – Alysan Croydon. 2005, 108 p.

With funding from the Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Section, the Tacoma Community House Training Project has developed this book containing a wealth of successful strategies and techniques for teaching both beginning literacy and speaking skills. The richly illustrated text includes:

  • A list of survival competencies for speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • A plethora of activities for introducing, practicing, and applying these new skills to the students’ lives
  • Strategies for teaching pre-literate refugees in a multi-level ESL class

Tales from the Homeland: Developing the Language Experience Approach – Anita Bell, Som Dy. 1985, 169 p.

This book serves as a guide for using the Language Experience Approach (LEA) to literacy, using stories by Cambodian students as examples. The goals of language learning are comprehension and self-expression. The student’s own experience and language are the best source of lessons designed to meet those goals. This book describes the philosophy and approach of LEA and includes many student stories accompanied by suggested instructional activities.

Talk Time Handbook – Marilyn Bentson, Elisabeth Mitchell. 1995, 125 p.

This guide presents all the steps for developing and managing a successful Talk Time program, including recruitment of volunteer facilitators and limited English speakers, conversation session planning and evaluation and assessment of both the students and the program. This book provides very practical advice on initiating this supportive, non-critical model for practicing English conversation. It includes a description of volunteers’ role and activities that work.

ESL Preservice Introductory PPT – This Powerpoint was developed as a very basic introduction to adult ESL for volunteers. It covers background information regarding the the history of immigration in Washington, legal definitions for immigration, an introduction to culture, learning styles, basic teaching strategies, and tutor roles. Download and use in its entirety or use the parts you like best.

ESL Preservice Agenda – We’ve made our ESL Preservice Agenda available for download so that programs can develop their own trainings. This agenda is intended to be a guide in that process.

Literacy Preservice Introductory PPT – This Powerpoint was developed as a very basic introduction to adult literacy for volunteers. It covers background information regarding the historical perspectives on literacy, adult learners, EFF, assessment, learning styles, and tutor roles. Download and use in its entirety or use the parts you like best.

Literacy Preservice Agenda – We’ve made our Literacy Preservice Agenda available for download so that programs can develop their own trainings. This agenda is intended to be a guide in that process.

Volunteer Literacy Principles – This set of standards was developed by a group of experienced volunteer program managers in Washington State. This document contains the criteria used to assess the quality of volunteer literacy programs receiving funding for Adult Basic Education.

Resources for Tutors

Literacy Network
Many resources for tutors

ABC’s for Tutors: 26 teaching tips
Ths Eric Digest authored by the Spring Institute for International Studies was designed for teaching adult ESL to individuals or small groups.

Tutor Ready

Tutor Ready is “just-in-time” professional development. Although it is steeped in years of research on how to teach adults to read, it’s not a course, workshop or webinar. It’s an asynchronous, online system built on authentic questions that adult reading tutors often ask, usually after they have received an initial 15-20 hours of face-to-face training, and after they have been matched with adult learners. When working with adult learners, all kinds of pressing questions and issues emerge, and for many volunteer reading tutors there are not always opportunities to get help with them.

A tutor who has questions like these:

  • How can I know if my learner needs phonemic awareness practice?
  • How can I help my learners connect how words sound with how they’re spelled?
  • How can I help my learner read with appropriate phrasing and expression?
  • How can I help my learner to build up her background knowledge so she can understand how vocabulary words relate to larger concepts?

or any of over 50 more questions about phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, can get help from carefully chosen Tutor Ready articles; excellent short, authentic tutoring videos; audio files; and other resources.

Tutor Help Center from Florida Literacy Coalition

Resources for ALS Students

Phone and Tablet Apps

  • US Citizenship Test 2017
    Use this app to practice the USCIS Citizenship test or just test your knowledge on US History and Government. Features flash cards for all 100 pre-set USCIS questions. Free at iTunes and Google Play for Androids
  • ESL Conversation (Listening)
    ESL/EFL Conversation helpful you learn English Listening & Speaking. With more than 200 conversation will help you improve your spoken American English. Free at Google Play for Androids. There are many similar apps at iTunes
  • Learn English By Listening
    This app comes pre-packed with over 1500 different articles that you can listen to and practice along with at your own pace. All the articles that come with the app are categorized and divided by level. Learn English By Listening also comes with a built-in translator; select your language of preference, and all the articles will also be shown in that language to help you better understand what the sentences mean. Free at Google Play for Androids There are many similar apps at iTunes.
  • Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
    Practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills while playing a game! You’ll improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons. Start with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learn new words daily. Free at Google Play for Androids and iTunes
  • Learn to Read Sight Words
    Instant recognition of these high frequency sight words improves confidence in reading and writing. Ideal for early readers, beginning readers, and readers having difficulty with reading and recalling these words. Free at Google Play for Androids. There are many similar apps at iTunes
  • Starfall Learn to Read
    Each numbered section features a vowel sound and its related spelling giving the user good practice with phonics. The user will hear, touch, read and eventually master this sound-spelling through a variety of engaging activities, movies, and songs.Free at Google Play for Androids. There are many similar apps at iTunes.

Student Websites


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