Adult Education Voter Education Library

Voter education resources for adult educators.

  • Voter Education Registration Action (VERA)
    The VERA—Voter Education Registration Action—project is sponsored by New England Literacy Resource Center. It is a non-partisan effort to encourage as many adult learners as possible to get involved.
    Lesson plans and activities about government and citizenship.
    Engaging hands-on classroom activities on electioneering, campaigning, and voting to support teachers as they help students develop into informed and motivated participants in the U.S. electoral system.
    This lesson plan is designed to be used with the film, Election Day, which shows the experiences of a number of people in various parts of the United States on Election Day 2004. Classrooms can use this lesson to study how the voting process differs around the country and to discuss issues related to elections administration.
  • The Change Agent: Democracy in Action Issue #26
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  • Right Question Civic & Engagement
    Voter engagement materials from the Right Question Institute
    Political leaders’ positions on a variety of issues, political quizzes
    Arguments for and against current economic, social, political issues
    Interactive electoral college map and historical information on past elections current and archived articles from Time magazine