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About the State Advisory Committee

The New Hampshire State Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students with Disabilities' acts as a State Special Education Advisory Panel. Their purpose is to provide policy guidance with respect to special education and related services for children with disabilities in the state.

The committee meets monthly during the school year to discuss critical issues impacting the services of children with disabilities. The committee is made up of stakeholders throughout the state. The majority of the committee consists of individuals with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. These individuals represent all stakeholders in the State. This group provides advice to the State Education department and welcomes public input. The committee agenda includes a time when the public can comment on the committee's priorities and/or other issues they are interested in bringing to the committee. Public input can be delivered in several ways; by e-mail, written or verbally at a committee meeting.

There are guidelines for input such as:

  • Be factual and objective; please do not mention a student and/or school staff by name.
  • If appropriate, comment on positive things that are happening
  • Know the time on the agenda when public input is received
  • Limit comments to no more than five minutes
  • Provide comments on things that need to improve; offer suggestions on how they can be improved.

For more information on how and when you can provide input by email, in written form, or verbally, contact:

Lisa Beaudion, Chair