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Date: January 31, 2024


Kim Houghton, Communications Administrator
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Praised as a model for states across the country, New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account program receives top accolades

CONCORD, NH — New Hampshire’s expanding Education Freedom Account program is being recognized as a superstar among alternative education choice initiatives throughout the country. 

Last week, EdChoice released its 2024 Yearbook Superlatives, which awarded the Granite State with three distinct standout categories. With 4,770 Education Freedom Account students now enrolled, EdChoice honored New Hampshire’s EFA program as the most popular educational choice program in the country. 

“New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account Program grew by a whopping 58% in the past year – from 3,025 scholarships awarded in 2023 to 4,770 scholarships awarded in 2024,” states EdChoice. 

EdChoice also awarded the EFA program with the distinction of having the most effective implementation of an educational choice program in the United States. “While reviewing every single transaction may be more challenging in larger states, it’s clear that New Hampshire’s success in implementing the expansive Education Freedom Account program is a model for states across the nation,” wrote EdChoice, adding the state takes an independent approach to its EFA implementation. 

Overseen by Children's Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, EdChoice cites a far less bureaucratic and far more efficient process. “… We thank EdChoice for acknowledging that New Hampshire has the highest level of program accountability and integrity in the nation,” said Kate Baker Demers, Executive Director of Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire. “Consistent with our New Hampshire values, we operate a program with extreme transparency and attention to detail so that everyone can understand and be supportive of it. We have truly empowered families to get the education that is best suited to their children’s unique learning needs – in the New Hampshire way.”

EdChoice also handed out the “Biggest Legal Win” superlative to New Hampshire for its Superior Court ruling against a state constitutional challenge to Education Freedom Accounts. The civil lawsuit threatened to eliminate funding for the popular program.

“New Hampshire will continue to advocate and support the educational choice movement, as we realize that families must have the ability to choose whichever school or learning environment best meets the needs of their child. By providing more schooling options, students will find their ideal pathway toward motivated and engaged learning. We are grateful that Education Freedom Accounts are an option for students here in the Granite State, and excited about the recognition from EdChoice,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner.