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Bureau of Student Support

The Bureau of Student Support oversees programs targeted to New Hampshire students most in need of additional support, including special education students, migrant students, and students whose first language is not English, in order to help provide an education for all.

Commissioner Frank Edelblut promoted Rebecca Fredette to serve as the Department’s Special Education Director within the Bureau of Student Support in November 2019. Fredette had spent the previous year and a half as an educational consultant within the Bureau, serving as a member of the Compliance, Improvement, and Monitoring team. In her new post, Fredette oversees the Department’s special education, Title III, and migrant student programs.

Fredette has been an educator in New Hampshire for the past 26 years. She has worked as a special education teacher, a special education coordinator, an assistant principal, and a principal. Fredette also worked in the private sector in a residential facility for students with unique challenges academically and behaviorally.

Special Education

Provides and promotes leadership, technical assistance and collaboration statewide to ensure that all children and youth with disabilities receive a free, appropriate, public education.

Migrant Education (El Programa de Educación Migrante)

Addresses the unique educational barriers faced by migrant workers and their families in the state.

Title III

Title III Offices provides technical assistance and training to teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders; collects data about EL students; awards Title III grants to school districts; and provides educational resources which enable teachers, parents, and administrators to help English Language Learners succeed academically and socially.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

A set of principles to develop learning environments that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.

Bureau Staff

Information to contact all Bureau Staff.


Rebecca Fredette
State Director of Special Education
Bureau of Student Support
(603) 271-6693
[email protected]