Division of Education Analytics and Resources

The Division of Education Analytics and Resources has four main objectives; To administer the State of New Hampshire’s obligation to provide an adequate education to its citizens by ensuring safe and properly maintained education facilities environments, collecting, analyzing and reporting education data to stakeholders, and distributing correlated funding; To promote educational opportunities and quality practices, including approval of public, chartered public, and nonpublic schools; And to ensure recipients of federal funding are in compliance with applicable federal rules and regulations.

Guidance on Acceptable Security Certifications in lieu of the Minimum Standards under RSA 189:66

Bureau of Education Statistics

The Bureau provides support for the identification, collection, management, and analysis of student level and aggregated educational data to ensure that information is accurate, accessible, and supports department and stakeholder goals. The Bureau supports program areas within the Department of Education, outside researchers, and the New Hampshire Legislature by providing data analytics to facilitate research, decision making, and improve educational outcomes.

Bureau of Educational Opportunities

The Bureau of Educational Opportunities provides oversight of school approval for the state of New Hampshire. There are three offices under the Bureau of Educational Opportunities; the Office of Charter Schools, the Office of Non-Public Schools, and the Office of School Approval. Additionally, the Office of School Approval provides oversight of the state and federal accountability systems under state statute and the federal ESEA law, including New Hampshire’s use of the iReport system.

Bureau of School Safety & Facilities

Has the responsibility of managing the school approval process for public and nonpublic schools. Additionally, they monitor and provide technical assistance to nonpublic schools, public school administrators, and other state and local agencies. This Bureau provides leadership, technical assistance, and resources to school boards, building committees, school administrators, school business officials, architects, and the general public with regard to planning and financing of school facilities. This Bureau collects, processes, and approves sufficient information on educational specifications, plans, technical specifications, costs, site considerations, and financing methodologies to evaluate proposed school constructions projects in order to determine approval for State Building Aid under RSA 198:15 and to maintain records.

Bureau of Federal Compliance

The Bureau of Federal Compliance oversees activities of federal grant programs to determine whether organizations are in compliance with federal fund related fiscal requirements. The monitoring is completed to ensure that grant recipients spend funds in the manner specified by the grant program. The implementation of 2 CFR 200 (Uniform Grant Guidance) requires that the NHDOE, as a “pass-through” entity, is in compliance with federal risk assessment and monitoring requirements for subrecipients of federal funds.
The Bureau provides technical assistance, guidance documents and other educational opportunities to assist subrecipients in understanding how to manage federal grants.

iPlatform 9.75

New Hampshire's school data transparency portal.


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Division of Education Analytics and Resources
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