Public Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools but agree to greater accountability.

Charter schools are public and tuition-free schools authorized by the New Hampshire State Board of Education. Charter schools provide a choice for parents and students seeking an option to traditional public schools.

Public charter schools are created and governed by an independent board of trustees. Charter schools operate independently from many of the rules and regulations that apply to local school districts.

The focus of each public charter school is unique and based on the educational needs and interests of a particular community. Charter schools have the flexibility to choose innovative, educational strategies that will best help students meet their academic potential. Charter schools tend to offer a small class size.

Public charter schools are granted a "charter" for a term of five years. The school's "charter" outlines the mission statement, educational program, student achievement goals and objectives, methods of assessment and measures of success. Charter schools are held accountable for meeting academic, financial, organizational and programmatic goals and objectives as outlined in its charter.


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