Alma Technologies Inc.

Alma Technologies, Inc., of Portland, OR., was awarded a contract by NHED’s Division of Education Analytics and Resources (DEAR) to develop and deploy iNHDEX (pronounced Index), which stands for “Initiative for New Hampshire’s Data Exchange."

In June 2022, Alma Technologies, Inc., was awarded a contract by NHED to develop and deploy iNHDEX, which is New Hampshire’s new Statewide Student Information System that will replace the majority of the functionality currently provided by the State’s i4see data collection system.

Since the contract’s approval, NHED has been working closely with Alma to determine the design specifications, architecture, and features needed to ensure a modern and robust system. In addition, NHED and Alma are working diligently to better understand the current data collection and reporting needs of our user community in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for all stakeholders.

Alma's district-level student information system (SIS) is currently in-use by about 33% of New Hampshire's school districts. While school districts will retain the autonomy to select and use their own SIS vendor, those using the Alma SIS will realize additional benefits and ease-of-use due to its tight integration with iNHDEX at the state level. These benefits include:

  • Submission to the state with the click of a button
  • Fix data once - validation error navigate to SIS to fix 
  • SASID checks with NHED part of SIS 
  • School calendar to state calendar integration - no more double entry

Special pricing and state-subsidized implementation will be available to New Hampshire districts interested in adopting the Alma SIS at the district level so that they too can realize these additional benefits when used with iNHDEX.

iNHDEX Product Page

Visit Alma's New Hampshire website for more information.