Professional Standards Board

The Professional Standards Board is authorized by statute RSA 186:60 to advise the State Board of Education regarding professional growth, licensure, and governance of the education profession in this state.

RSA 186:60

The board shall consist of the following 21 members appointed as follows: the commissioner of the department of education, or designee, who shall be the executive secretary of the board; (9) members including at least 2 classroom teachers who reside in New Hampshire, at least 2 education specialists who reside in New Hampshire, and at least 2 instructional specialists who reside in New Hampshire; (9) members employed by a New Hampshire community college, state university, community college system of New Hampshire, or university system of New Hampshire, including at least 3 full-time teaching faculty and 3 higher education administrators; and (2) members representing qualified lay persons.

The State Board of Education makes appointments annually from nominations submitted by the education profession and interested persons. The appointed members of the board shall serve for 3-year terms and may not serve for more than 3 consecutive full terms.

The Professional Standards Board conducts a minimum of five (5) regularly scheduled meetings annually which occur from September to June. Unless otherwise posted, the PSB meetings take place at the NH Department of Education building (Londergan Hall), 101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH in Room 15. Meetings begin at noon and are open to the public.


Tyler Restuccia