The New Hampshire Department of Transportation does not provide transportation for any New Hampshire students.

RSA 189:6 Transportation of Pupils. The local school districts shall furnish transportation to all pupils in grade 1 through grade 8 who live more than 2 miles from the school to which they are assigned.

This is a statutory and constitutional requirement/obligation of all public schools in the State of New Hampshire.

It is the responsibility of each school district to provide all students described in RSA 189:6 with transportation to school.

A school district may rely on parents who voluntarily bring their pupils to school. However, the school district must provide transportation for all other students described in RSA 189:6 to the school.

To contest a transportation decision of a local school district, contact:

Stephen W.F. Berwick
Mediation, Neutral Conferences and Hearings
(603) 271-2299