iNHDEX (pronounced ‘Index’) is New Hampshire’s new Statewide Student Information System (SSIS). The acronym “iNHDEX” stands for “Initiative for New Hampshire’s Data Exchange.”  NHED’s Division of Education Analytics and Resources (DEAR) awarded the contract to develop and deploy the iNHDEX SSIS to Alma Technologies, Inc., of Portland, OR.

iNHDEX will be deployed and phased into all New Hampshire public schools and districts over the next three years (2023-2025). Districts will use iNHDEX to upload, validate and certify student enrollment data, academic performance, college and career readiness data and more.

Over time, iNHDEX will replace the existing i4see data collection system that was first implemented in 2001 but has become difficult and costly to maintain and update.

While iNHDEX will support all district-level student information systems, those districts and schools using Alma’s district-level SIS will enjoy additional benefits and ease-of -use due to its tight-integration with iNHDEX. As part of the contract, Alma’s district-level SIS will be made available as an option to other New Hampshire’s school districts at a reduced cost with full integration so that they too can enjoy these additional benefits.

iNHDEX: Benefits

  • Leverages technological advancements

  • Enables real time data collection that will improve analysis and reporting

  • Adapts to everchanging federal and state reporting guidelines

  • Enhances efficiency across New Hampshire’s school system

  • Creates significant monetary and labor savings

For more information:

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