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Education continues beyond the classroom, and in New Hampshire, students have the opportunity to expand their education through hands-on, real-world experience. These innovative programs give our students the chance to acquire knowledge and skill that will not only help them graduate, but give them a jump start towards employment.

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The Learn Everywhere Program

Learn Everywhere would expand access to Extended-Learning Opportunities to all New Hampshire students. Currently, these courses are only available to students in school districts with approved ELO programs.

Learn Everywhere would establish a parallel path for course approval, allowing anyone who wishes to offer courses to New Hampshire students with the ability to apply to the State Board of Education, which approves and oversees all New Hampshire public schools.

Administered by the Bureau of Education Opportunities.

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning is an educational strategy that offers students knowledge and skills through instruction or study, in a real-world employment environment, to deepen their learning and explore career fields in an authentic setting.

Extended-Learning Opportunities

Extended Learning Opportunities allow for the primary acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom including, but not limited to: Independent study, Private instruction, Performing groups, Internships, Community service, Apprenticeships, and Online courses. ELO's validate the learning that takes place out side of school that is youth centered and focuses both on the acquisition of skills and knowledge and on youth development.

NH Career Academy

An innovative partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Education and Community College System of New Hampshire, giving students a chance to earn a high school diploma, an Associate's Degree, a professional certification, and a job interview at no cost to the family and no additional cost to taxpayers.

Administered by the Bureau of Educational Opportunities.


The New Hampshire Department of Education provides leadership and oversight of related instruction for registered apprentices in the plumbing and electrical trades. Evening classes are offered during the school year at five high schools around the state.

The Department of Education also oversees the related instruction portion of pre-apprenticeship programs for high school students at least 16-years of age. Job placement is arranged through the high school. Employers who wish to sponsor apprentices must be approved by New Hampshire's State Apprenticeship Advisory Council.


Nate Greene
Administrator, Bureau of Educational Opportunities
(603) 271-5252