Bureau of Educational Opportunities

The Bureau of Educational Opportunities provides oversight of school approval for the state of New Hampshire. There are three offices under the Bureau of Educational Opportunities; the Office of Charter Schools, the Office of Non-Public Schools, and the Office of School Approval. Additionally, the Office of School Approval provides oversight of the state and federal accountability systems under state statute and the federal ESEA law, including New Hampshire’s use of the iReport system.

Office of Charter Schools

Charter schools are public and tuition-free schools authorized by the New Hampshire State Board of Education.

Charter schools provide a choice for parents and students seeking an option to traditional public schools. The focus of each public charter school is unique and based on the educational needs and interests of a particular community.

Office of Non-Public Schools

This office oversees the implementation of the NH Code of Administrative Rules Chapter Ed 400, Approval of Nonpublic Schools. Additionally we provide technical assistance to nonpublic schools and information to the public regarding nonpublic schools in New Hampshire and related New Hampshire laws (RSAs).

Office of School Approval

This office oversees the implementation of NH Administrative Rule ED 306, Minimum Standards for Public School Approval. Additionally, we provide technical assistance to public school staff and information to the public regarding the minimum standards and related New Hampshire laws (RSAs).

Federal Accountability (ESSA)

On Dec. 10, 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a long-awaited overhaul of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) or most commonly referred to as the No Child Left Behind Act. ESSA passed with bipartisan support, and encourages states and schools to innovate, while at the same time maintaining an emphasis on state and local systems of improvement and strengthening a more balanced assessment and accountability system. 

Learn Everywhere

Learn Everywhere would expand access to Extended-Learning Opportunities to all New Hampshire students. Currently, these courses are only available to students in school districts with approved ELO programs.

Learn Everywhere would establish a parallel path for course approval, allowing anyone who wishes to offer courses to New Hampshire students with the ability to apply to the State Board of Education, which approves and oversees all New Hampshire public schools.

NH Career Academy

An innovative partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Education and Community College System of New Hampshire, giving students a chance to earn a high school diploma, an Associate's Degree, a professional certification, and a job interview at no cost to the family and no additional cost to taxpayers.