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Learn Everywhere is a program designed to build on existing New Hampshire educational philosophy, law, and rule. At its most basic level, it is simply seeing and understanding our existing public education system and the learning that engages students, from another perspective.

Learn Everywhere is an innovative approach to learning passed into law by the 2018 New Hampshire Legislature to capture existing student learning and create an eco-system of additional learning opportunities for our students, wherever and whenever they occur.

The State Board of Education (“SBOE”) is the credentialing oversight board for teachers and schools. The SBOE credentials teachers in New Hampshire to be able to teach in our public schools. The SBOE also authorizes schools in New Hampshire to be able to provide an opportunity for a comprehensive adequate education. Learn Everywhere simply unbundles education and says, rather than authorize only entire schools, the state will authorize educational programs to offer part of comprehensive adequate education. If the SBOE credentials teachers, and if the SBOE credentials schools, why not also simply credential a course or a program as well?

Learn Everywhere Program Example

A simple example of a Learn Everywhere program would be a local music school that a child attends on the weekends to learn to play the guitar.  Their parents have made the decision to enroll their child in this program completely independent of any public school involvement. Upon successful completion of the guitar course the student would be awarded a certificate for credit which would be redeemed by the student at their local school to be applied toward meeting their Music requirement for high school graduation. 
As part of the approval process the Department staff works with the music school to define the educational competencies and assessment methodologies used to provide validity and structure to the learning opportunity.  The music school would then go through a peer review process and ultimately approval by the SBOE. 

Key Characteristics of the Learn Everywhere Program

  • Parents make the decision for their children to participate in the Learn Everywhere programs.  There is no public school approval required for a child to participate.
  • No State funding is used to support the participation of children in Learn Everywhere programs. Learn Everywhere programs, through their support, or parents pay the cost of their children’s participation; many programs are free to students. As such, there is no negative financial impact on public schools. 
  • Children have been participating in these educational opportunities (dance, martial arts, soccer camps, flight school, etc.) for many years, and will continue to participate outside of Learn Everywhere.  The Learn Everywhere program simply captures the high school credit earned through these excellent learning opportunities.  
  • The Learn Everywhere programs provide children efficient access to unique learning opportunities public schools may not be able to provide. 

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