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Posted: September 14, 2023


Kim Houghton, Communications Administrator
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New Learn Everywhere program receives support to provide financial literacy instruction, high school credit

PragerU joins the Learn Everywhere portfolio

CONCORD, NH — Today, the State Board of Education approved a new Learn Everywhere program that will provide another mechanism for New Hampshire students to obtain their financial literacy requirement for high school graduation. 

PragerU Kids will join New Hampshire’s growing Learn Everywhere initiative – an innovative approach to learning that extends the classroom and allows students to capture learning wherever and whenever it takes place. 

“Having strong financial literacy can be an empowering skill. Providing students with the tools to manage their finances early helps them to become financially successful adults. PragerU’s Cash Course Certificate program will provide youth with the basic knowledge of how to create a budget, invest wisely, understand pay stubs and taxes, reduce overall expenses and manage debt, including student debt – all vital skills needed into adulthood,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “New Hampshire understands the importance of financial literacy, and this is one more option that high school students and families can choose if they want, to take advantage of as part of the many educational choices available to them.”

PragerU Kids will be offering students credit for its Financial Literacy Certificate through the Cash Course Certificate program. New Hampshire schools are required to provide financial literacy instruction in their classrooms, and this course is a flexible option for students and teachers to work toward satisfying that requirement. 

“We’re excited about the New Hampshire Learn Everywhere initiative and we’re honored to be able to serve the community with our financial literacy content line as a starting point for an even greater partnership,” said Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO. 

There are now 20 active Learn Everywhere programs being offered in New Hampshire. Launched in 2018, Learn Everywhere is a fully optional program that allows students to earn credit while learning outside of the classroom. Learn Everywhere programs are not supported by taxpayer funds.

Here are links to the 15 videos included as part of PragerU’s literacy instruction: 

•    Employment and Income: Pay Stubs and Taxes 
•    Money Management: Budgeting, Currency and Checking and Savings Accounts
•    Credit, Debit and Debt Management: Credit, Debt, Borrowing, Student Loans, and Credit and Debit Cards
•    Planning, Saving and Investing: Investing, Savings, Financial Institutions, Interest and Insurance