Modeled after the Choose Love Enrichment Program, Champions Choose Love focuses on the Social Emotional Learning Skills a team leader can utilize to develop self-awareness, strengthen relationships with coaches, teammates and competitors, and develop responsible decision-making skills.

In 2016, New Hampshire began developing a comprehensive system of care for children’s behavioral health. School districts adopted the New Hampshire Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports for Behavioral Health (MTSS-B), establishing expanded school-based prevention efforts including social emotional learning and a focus on school culture and climate.

In July of 2018, Governor Chris Sununu's School Safety Preparedness Taskforce released its report – the first of its kind in the nation. As a result, New Hampshire was the first state in the nation to adopt the Jesse Lewis Choose Love curriculum to promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in New Hampshire schools. The comprehensive SEL curriculum is available to schools at no cost, and has since been downloaded by more than 400 New Hampshire schools. Additional programs designed for infants and toddlers, athletes and coaches, communities, and homes are also available at no cost.

Governor Sununu has institutionalized the program with the hiring of a Choose Love Movement Program Director, who reports to the Governor’s Office and works closely with the Department of Education, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Safety. Town officials, local chambers of commerce, and other stakeholder organizations are also integrated.

Continuing support of these structures, the New Hampshire Department of Education’s Office of Social & Emotional Wellness will lead a three-pronged approach to improve children’s behavioral health system of care, in partnership with other state agencies. Funds from the School Climate Transformation Grant will be used to build, improve, or enhance the multi-tiered behavioral framework; establish local student wellness teams; and collect and report data to inform school climate efforts. This project will provide technical assistance to develop LEAs infrastructure, identify opportunities to strengthen professional development and training, and receive technical assistance to advance and sustain school climate transformation efforts through the adoption of policies, practices, and programs that address both in- and out-of-school time.

In response to the challenges of Covid19, Choose Love has been working very hard over the summer of 2020 to meet the changing and critical needs of educators.  The Choose Love program is now all digitalized- so whether schools are remote, hybrid, in-person, or needing to dance between all of the above, the Choose Love Movement can be delivered easily.

For those who have registered on the website last year, you do simply need to re-register on the new website in order to access all of the updates done for you. Register at

A new re-integration unit called Choosing Love in our Brave New World has been developed to meet educators, students and parents where they are at through this stressful time. It is recommended to begin with this unit and then proceed onto the usual first unit: Courage.

Slides have been created for those delivering the program, with all supplemental materials right there to readily access. In addition, there is a new caregiver connection tab for educators to be able to easily share with parents. In order to gain even more support among educators, parents, community members, etc, we’ve also added a portal for people to share ideas, ask questions, collaborate with peers.

Choose Love for Schools is the version 2 of the original Choose Love Enrichment Program (which is still available for those who want to continue with that and download PDFs. PDFs can also be downloaded at Choose Love for Schools if people would like.) Choose Love for Schools has the slides created for you and all supplemental materials easily accessible. If you wish to modify the slides for your individual purposes, you are also able to do so. Choose Love for Schools also represents Choose Love not just being in alignment with CASEL, but now also as well, as Choose Love found it very important for you all.


Shannon Desilets
Program Director
Office of Governor Chris Sununu