Pathways to Education

Guide to the many educational institutions across New Hampshire.

Local District Schools

Town and city schools under the direction of locally-elected school boards.

Office of School Approval

This office oversees the implementation of NH Administrative Rule ED 306, Minimum Standards for Public School Approval.

Public Charter Schools

Public schools chartered through local districts or the State Board of Education that offer innovative educational approaches.

Nonpublic Schools

List of non-public schools approved to operate by the State Board of Education.

Home Education

Guidelines and resources for parents who choose to home educate their children.

Adult and Continuing Education

Resources for career and life-long learning.

Learn Everywhere

Education beyond the classroom, including Career and Technical Education, apprenticeships, internships, and more.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Assisting eligible New Hampshire citizens with disabilities secure suitable employment and financial and personal independence by providing rehabilitation services.

Higher Education

Resources and information on post-secondary education in New Hampshire.

NH Education Freedom Accounts

Helping to expand educational opportunities for New Hampshire Children through Education Freedom Accounts