Division of Learner Support

Provides a broad range of services designed to give every New Hampshire student the best possible chance of finding a path to a bright future.

Bureau of Career Development

Provides leadership and support for the career and technical education (CTE) system at both secondary and postsecondary levels. This system provides education in career pathways leading to further education and employment opportunities.

Bureau of Instructional Support

The Bureau of Instructional Support is responsible for coordinating, implementing, monitoring and providing technical assistance for federal title programs and the statewide assessment system, analyzing data to determine progress on statewide performance targets, and developing and revising the state’s academic content and program standards.

Bureau of Special Education Support

Oversees programs targeted to New Hampshire students most in need of additional support in special education, to ensure an education for all.

Bureau of Student Wellness and Nutrition

Works in collaboration with local communities, school districts, and individuals to support students as they become fully productive members of society.

Bureau of Adult Education

Provides a variety of educational opportunities to empower adults to become lifelong learners.

Grant and Funding Opportunities

Review available requests for application (RFA's) by Program with the Division of Learner Support. Each RFA will provide you with the date posted, due date, and program contact information.


Melissa A. White
Division Director