School Safety

In March 2018, Gov. Chris Sununu formed the New Hampshire School Safety Preparedness Task Force, which was charged with the consultation of subject matter experts and members of the public to find areas of agreement regarding steps that move the State forward in improving the safety of New Hampshire’s students while maintaining and improving the core purpose of educational institutions.

The Department of Education continues to work with other state departments and New Hampshire schools to implement the Task Force's 59 specific recommendations to improve student safety in New Hampshire

To report a bullying incident:

Stephen W.F. Berwick
Administrator I, Dispute Resolution, and Constituent Complaints
(603) 271-2299

To report abuse or a misconduct:

To report physical abuse or any other crime, please contact your local police department.

All reports of misconduct by educators should be made directly to either:

Richard Farrell, Investigator
(603) 271-8372 (office)

Diana Fenton, Attorney
(603) 271-3189 (office)